Commit 8bd48212 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Allow 'make-cursor-line-fully-visible' name a function

* src/xdisp.c (cursor_row_fully_visible_p): Handle the case of
make-cursor-line-fully-visible being a function.  Accept a 3rd
argument; if non-zero, assume the caller already tested the
conditions for the cursor being fully-visible, and don't
recheck them.  All callers changed.
(try_cursor_movement, try_window_id): Call
cursor_row_fully_visible_p instead of testing the value of
make-cursor-line-fully-visible directly.
(syms_of_xdisp) <make-cursor-line-fully-visible>: Update the
doc string.  Define a symbol Qmake_cursor_line_fully_visible.

* lisp/cus-start.el (standard): Update the Custom form.

* etc/NEWS: Mention the change in possible values of
parent 6217746d
......@@ -220,6 +220,12 @@ This triggers to search the program on the remote host as indicated by
When set to t, no message will be shown when auto-saving (default
value: nil).
** The value of 'make-cursor-line-fully-visible' can now be a function.
In addition to nil or non-nil, the value can now be a predicate
function. Follow mode uses this to control scrolling of its windows
when the last screen line in a window is not fully visible.
* Editing Changes in Emacs 27.1
......@@ -547,7 +547,12 @@ since it could result in memory overflow and make Emacs crash."
(const :tag "Respect `truncate-lines'" nil)
(other :tag "Truncate if not full-width" t))
(make-cursor-line-fully-visible windows boolean)
(const :tag "Make cursor always fully visible" t)
(const :tag "Allow cursor to be partially-visible" nil)
(function :tag "User-defined function")))
(mode-line-in-non-selected-windows mode-line boolean "22.1")
(line-number-display-limit display
(choice integer
......@@ -842,7 +842,7 @@ static Lisp_Object redisplay_window_1 (Lisp_Object);
static bool set_cursor_from_row (struct window *, struct glyph_row *,
struct glyph_matrix *, ptrdiff_t, ptrdiff_t,
int, int);
static bool cursor_row_fully_visible_p (struct window *, bool, bool);
static bool cursor_row_fully_visible_p (struct window *, bool, bool, bool);
static bool update_menu_bar (struct frame *, bool, bool);
static bool try_window_reusing_current_matrix (struct window *);
static int try_window_id (struct window *);
......@@ -14346,7 +14346,7 @@ redisplay_internal (void)
eassert (this_line_vpos == it.vpos);
eassert (this_line_y == it.current_y);
set_cursor_from_row (w, row, w->current_matrix, 0, 0, 0, 0);
if (cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, true))
if (cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, true, false))
*w->desired_matrix->method = 0;
......@@ -15628,19 +15628,46 @@ run_window_scroll_functions (Lisp_Object window, struct text_pos startp)
window's current glyph matrix; otherwise use the desired glyph
If JUST_TEST_USER_PREFERENCE_P, just test what the value of
make-cursor-row-fully-visible requires, don't test the actual
cursor position. The assumption is that in that case the caller
performs the necessary testing of the cursor position.
A value of false means the caller should do scrolling
as if point had gone off the screen. */
static bool
cursor_row_fully_visible_p (struct window *w, bool force_p,
bool current_matrix_p)
bool current_matrix_p,
bool just_test_user_preference_p)
struct glyph_matrix *matrix;
struct glyph_row *row;
int window_height;
Lisp_Object mclfv_p =
buffer_local_value (Qmake_cursor_line_fully_visible, w->contents);
if (!make_cursor_line_fully_visible_p)
/* If no local binding, use the global value. */
if (EQ (mclfv_p, Qunbound))
mclfv_p = Vmake_cursor_line_fully_visible;
/* Follow mode sets the variable to a Lisp function in buffers that
are under Follow mode. */
if (FUNCTIONP (mclfv_p))
Lisp_Object window;
XSETWINDOW (window, w);
/* Implementation note: if the function we call here signals an
error, we will NOT scroll when the cursor is partially-visible. */
Lisp_Object val = safe_call1 (mclfv_p, window);
if (NILP (val))
return true;
else if (just_test_user_preference_p)
return false;
else if (NILP (mclfv_p))
return true;
else if (just_test_user_preference_p)
return false;
/* It's not always possible to find the cursor, e.g, when a window
is full of overlay strings. Don't do anything in that case. */
......@@ -16002,7 +16029,7 @@ try_scrolling (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p,
/* If cursor ends up on a partially visible line,
treat that as being off the bottom of the screen. */
if (! cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, extra_scroll_margin_lines <= 1,
false, false)
/* It's possible that the cursor is on the first line of the
buffer, which is partially obscured due to a vscroll
(Bug#7537). In that case, avoid looping forever. */
......@@ -16367,7 +16394,7 @@ try_cursor_movement (Lisp_Object window, struct text_pos startp,
/* Make sure this isn't a header line by any chance, since
then MATRIX_ROW_PARTIALLY_VISIBLE_P might yield true. */
&& !row->mode_line_p
&& make_cursor_line_fully_visible_p)
&& !cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, true, true, true))
&& !row->ends_at_zv_p
......@@ -16385,7 +16412,7 @@ try_cursor_movement (Lisp_Object window, struct text_pos startp,
set_cursor_from_row (w, row, w->current_matrix, 0, 0, 0, 0);
if (!cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, true))
if (!cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, true, false))
......@@ -16964,7 +16991,7 @@ redisplay_window (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p)
new_vpos = window_box_height (w) / 2;
if (!cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, false))
if (!cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, false, false))
/* Point does appear, but on a line partly visible at end of window.
Move it back to a fully-visible line. */
......@@ -17059,7 +17086,8 @@ redisplay_window (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p)
goto need_larger_matrices;
if (w->cursor.vpos < 0 || !cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, false))
if (w->cursor.vpos < 0
|| !cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, false, false))
clear_glyph_matrix (w->desired_matrix);
goto try_to_scroll;
......@@ -17206,7 +17234,7 @@ redisplay_window (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p)
/* Forget any recorded base line for line number display. */
w->base_line_number = 0;
if (!cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, true, false))
if (!cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, true, false, false))
clear_glyph_matrix (w->desired_matrix);
last_line_misfit = true;
......@@ -17502,7 +17530,7 @@ redisplay_window (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p)
set_cursor_from_row (w, row, matrix, 0, 0, 0, 0);
if (!cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, false))
if (!cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, false, false))
/* If vscroll is enabled, disable it and try again. */
if (w->vscroll)
......@@ -19068,9 +19096,10 @@ try_window_id (struct window *w)
&& CHARPOS (start) > BEGV)
/* Old redisplay didn't take scroll margin into account at the bottom,
but then global-hl-line-mode doesn't scroll. KFS 2004-06-14 */
|| (w->cursor.y + (make_cursor_line_fully_visible_p
? cursor_height + this_scroll_margin
: 1)) > it.last_visible_y)
|| (w->cursor.y
+ (cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, true, true)
? 1
: cursor_height + this_scroll_margin)) > it.last_visible_y)
w->cursor.vpos = -1;
clear_glyph_matrix (w->desired_matrix);
......@@ -32903,9 +32932,15 @@ automatically; to decrease the tool-bar height, use \\[recenter]. */);
doc: /* Non-nil means raise tool-bar buttons when the mouse moves over them. */);
auto_raise_tool_bar_buttons_p = true;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("make-cursor-line-fully-visible", make_cursor_line_fully_visible_p,
doc: /* Non-nil means to scroll (recenter) cursor line if it is not fully visible. */);
make_cursor_line_fully_visible_p = true;
DEFVAR_LISP ("make-cursor-line-fully-visible", Vmake_cursor_line_fully_visible,
doc: /* Whether to scroll the window if the cursor line is not fully visible.
If the value is non-nil, Emacs scrolls or recenters the window to make
the cursor line fully visible. The value could also be a function, which
is called with a single argument, the window to be scrolled, and should
return non-nil if the partially-visible cursor requires scrolling the
window, nil if it's okay to leave the cursor partially-visible. */);
Vmake_cursor_line_fully_visible = Qt;
DEFSYM (Qmake_cursor_line_fully_visible, "make-cursor-line-fully-visible");
DEFVAR_LISP ("tool-bar-border", Vtool_bar_border,
doc: /* Border below tool-bar in pixels.
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