Commit 8bdb9f4a authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(rmail-forward): Insert separator before and after message.

parent eaccd4d8
......@@ -2016,7 +2016,13 @@ see the documentation of `rmail-resend'."
(concat "^" (regexp-quote mail-header-separator) "$"))
(forward-line 1)
(insert-buffer forward-buffer))))))
(insert "------- Start of forwarded message -------\n")
(insert-buffer forward-buffer)
(forward-line -1)
(insert "------- End of forwarded message -------\n")
(forward-line -1)
(defun rmail-resend (address &optional from comment mail-alias-file)
"Resend current message to ADDRESSES.
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