Commit 8bea7e9a authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/minibuffer.el (completion-pcm--optimize-pattern): New function

This fixes bug#38458 where a final `point` in the pattern prevented
the expected normal behavior of point moving after the completion
of the final implicit `any`.

(completion-substring--all-completions): Use it.
(completion-basic--pattern): Don't both removing "" any more.
(completion-basic-try-completion): Use it as well as
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......@@ -2869,10 +2869,9 @@ Return the new suffix."
(defun completion-basic--pattern (beforepoint afterpoint bounds)
"" (list (substring beforepoint (car bounds))
(substring afterpoint 0 (cdr bounds)))))
(list (substring beforepoint (car bounds))
(substring afterpoint 0 (cdr bounds))))
(defun completion-basic-try-completion (string table pred point)
(let* ((beforepoint (substring string 0 point))
......@@ -2890,10 +2889,9 @@ Return the new suffix."
(length completion))))
(let* ((suffix (substring afterpoint (cdr bounds)))
(prefix (substring beforepoint 0 (car bounds)))
(pattern (delete
"" (list (substring beforepoint (car bounds))
(substring afterpoint 0 (cdr bounds)))))
(pattern (completion-pcm--optimize-pattern
beforepoint afterpoint bounds)))
(all (completion-pcm--all-completions prefix pattern table pred)))
(if minibuffer-completing-file-name
(setq all (completion-pcm--filename-try-filter all)))
......@@ -3008,9 +3006,24 @@ or a symbol, see `completion-pcm--merge-completions'."
(when (> (length string) p0)
(if pending (push pending pattern))
(push (substring string p0) pattern))
;; An empty string might be erroneously added at the beginning.
;; It should be avoided properly, but it's so easy to remove it here.
(delete "" (nreverse pattern)))))
(nreverse pattern))))
(defun completion-pcm--optimize-pattern (p)
;; Remove empty strings in a separate phase since otherwise a ""
;; might prevent some other optimization, as in '(any "" any).
(setq p (delete "" p))
(let ((n '()))
(while p
(pcase p
(`(,(or 'any 'any-delim) point . ,rest) (setq p `(point . ,rest)))
;; This is not just a performance improvement: it also turns
;; a terminating `point' into an implicit `any', which
;; affects the final position of point (because `point' gets
;; turned into a non-greedy ".*?" regexp whereas we need
;; it the be greedy when it's at the end, see bug#38458).
(`(,(pred symbolp)) (setq p nil)) ;Implicit terminating `any'.
(_ (push (pop p) n))))
(nreverse n)))
(defun completion-pcm--pattern->regex (pattern &optional group)
(let ((re
......@@ -3192,7 +3205,8 @@ filter out additional entries (because TABLE might not obey PRED)."
(setq string (substring string (car bounds) (+ point (cdr bounds))))
(let* ((relpoint (- point (car bounds)))
(pattern (completion-pcm--string->pattern string relpoint))
(pattern (completion-pcm--optimize-pattern
(completion-pcm--string->pattern string relpoint)))
(all (condition-case-unless-debug err
(funcall filter
......@@ -3239,10 +3253,11 @@ filter out additional entries (because TABLE might not obey PRED)."
(substring afterpoint 0 (cdr newbounds))))
(setq between (substring newbeforepoint leftbound
(car newbounds)))
(setq pattern (completion-pcm--string->pattern
(- (length newbeforepoint)
(car newbounds)))))
(setq pattern (completion-pcm--optimize-pattern
(- (length newbeforepoint)
(car newbounds))))))
(dolist (submatch suball)
(setq all (nconc
......@@ -3471,9 +3486,10 @@ that is non-nil."
(pattern (if (not (stringp (car basic-pattern)))
(cons 'prefix basic-pattern)))
(pattern (if transform-pattern-fn
(funcall transform-pattern-fn pattern)
(pattern (completion-pcm--optimize-pattern
(if transform-pattern-fn
(funcall transform-pattern-fn pattern)
(all (completion-pcm--all-completions prefix pattern table pred)))
(list all pattern prefix suffix (car bounds))))
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