Commit 8c22699f authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(with-wrapper-hook): Fix thinko.

parent e3353a78
2009-11-19 Stefan Monnier <>
* simple.el (with-wrapper-hook): Fix thinko.
* hfy-cmap.el (hfy-rgb-file): Use locate-file.
(htmlfontify-load-rgb-file): Remove unnused var `ff'.
Use with-current-buffer and string-to-number.
......@@ -6520,11 +6520,11 @@ expects to receive when called."
(global ,global))
(if (consp funs)
(if (eq t (car funs))
(apply 'runrestofhook
(append global (cdr funs)) nil ,argssym)
(append global (cdr funs)) nil ,argssym)
(apply (car funs)
(lambda (&rest args)
(runrestofhook (cdr funs) global args))
(lambda (&rest ,argssym)
(runrestofhook (cdr funs) global ,argssym))
;; Once there are no more functions on the hook, run
;; the original body.
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