Commit 8c2946e2 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics

In NEWS describe new handling of window margins (Bug#24193)

* etc/NEWS: Describe new handling of margins when splitting or
resizing windows (Bug#24193).
parent 0cee66c3
......@@ -1631,6 +1631,14 @@ frames.
'window-divider-default-places', 'window-divider-default-bottom-width'
and 'window-divider-default-right-width'.
*** When a window is shrunk horizontally its margins are no more removed
automatically. Rather, Emacs refuses to split or resize windows when
this would cause margins to no more fit into the width reserved for the
corresponding window. An application can override this behavior for a
particular window by setting that window's 'min-margins' parameter. As
a consequence, the application becomes fully responsible for trimming
the margin sizes of that window and any window inheriting these margins.
*** The window displaying the '*Completions*' buffer with minibuffer
completion candidates is now shown at the bottom of the selected
frame. The size of that window is always as large as required to
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