Commit 8c6fac61 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(easy-mmode-define-global-mode): Don't add a dummy doc-string-elt property.

(defalias, defvaralias, define-category): Add a docstring property.
parent 79e74246
......@@ -142,12 +142,13 @@
(put 'easy-mmode-define-minor-mode 'doc-string-elt 2)
(put 'define-minor-mode 'doc-string-elt 2)
(put 'define-generic-mode 'doc-string-elt 7)
;; define-global-mode has no explicit docstring.
(put 'easy-mmode-define-global-mode 'doc-string-elt 0)
(put 'define-ibuffer-filter 'doc-string-elt 2)
(put 'define-ibuffer-op 'doc-string-elt 3)
(put 'define-ibuffer-sorter 'doc-string-elt 2)
(put 'lambda 'doc-string-elt 2)
(put 'defalias 'doc-string-elt 3)
(put 'defvaralias 'doc-string-elt 3)
(put 'define-category 'doc-string-elt 2)
(defvar lisp-doc-string-elt-property 'doc-string-elt
"The symbol property that holds the docstring position info.")
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