Commit 8c81ac97 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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; Spelling fixes

parent f3400f4c
......@@ -741,7 +741,7 @@ by \"Save Options\" in Custom buffers.")
;; For the radio buttons below we check whether the respective dividers
;; are displayed on the selected frame. This is not fully congruent
;; with `window-divder-mode' but makes the menu entries work also when
;; with `window-divider-mode' but makes the menu entries work also when
;; dividers are displayed by manipulating frame parameters directly.
(defvar menu-bar-showhide-window-divider-menu
(let ((menu (make-sparse-keymap "Window Divider")))
......@@ -10152,7 +10152,7 @@
(FRAME_TOTAL_COLS_ARG): Remove macro.
* fringe.c (draw_fringe_bitmap_1): Handle right divder.
* fringe.c (draw_fringe_bitmap_1): Handle right divider.
* gtkutil.c (xg_frame_resized, xg_frame_set_char_size)
(x_wm_set_size_hint): Handle frame pixel sizes.
* indent.c (compute_motion, Fcompute_motion):
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