Commit 8ca37e61 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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(latex-find-indent): ... and handle conjunction correctly this time.

parent be10dcf2
......@@ -2586,8 +2586,8 @@ There might be text before point."
(member (match-string 2) tex-verbatim-environments)
;; Put leading close-paren where the matching open paren would be.
(and (let (escaped)
(or (eq (latex-syntax-after) ?\))
(let (escaped)
(and (or (eq (latex-syntax-after) ?\))
;; Try to handle escaped close parens but keep original
;; position if it doesn't work out.
(setq escaped (looking-at "\\\\\\([])}]\\)")))
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