Commit 8ca3cd44 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(simula-tab-always-indent, simula-indent-level)

(simula-substatement-offset, simula-continued-statement-offset)
(simula-label-offset, simula-if-indent, simula-inspect-indent)
(simula-electric-indent, simula-abbrev-keyword, simula-abbrev-stdproc):
Added default constants.
(simula-emacs-features): new constant to hold information
on which flavor if emacs is running (from cc-mode.el).
(simula-mode-menu): Menu definition for Lucid Emacs
(simula-mode-map): Bound new command simula-indent-exp to C-M-q
and added lots of commands to [menu-bar].
(simula-popup-menu): New function for Lucid menus.
(simula-keep-region-active): New function for Lucid menus.
(simula-indent-exp): New command that indents a whole expression.
(simula-indent-line): New strategies for finding the right amount to indent.
(simula-skip-comment-backward): Added optional parameter stop-at-end
to stop at the first END statement.
(simula-expand-stdproc): Added abbrev expansion to verbatim copy
of abbrev table, same for function simula-expand-keyword.
(simula-search-backward): Added Doc string, and lots of error checking.
(simula-search-forward): Added Doc string, and lots of error checking.
Added hilit19 config code.
(simula-version): New variable and function to report value.
(simula-submit-bug-report): New function to submit bug report.
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