Commit 8cce271e authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Add some comments related to how epaths.h gets built.

parent bc8d33d5
......@@ -279,6 +279,9 @@ all: ${SUBDIR} leim
removenullpaths=sed -e 's/^://g' -e 's/:$$//g' -e 's/::/:/g'
# Generate epaths.h from This target is invoked by `configure'.
# See comments in for why it is done this way, as opposed
# to just letting configure generate epaths.h from in a
# similar way to how Makefile is made from
epaths-force: FRC
@(lisppath=`echo ${lisppath} | ${removenullpaths}` ; \
buildlisppath=`echo ${buildlisppath} | ${removenullpaths}` ; \
......@@ -32,6 +32,10 @@ dnl Support for --program-prefix, --program-suffix and
dnl --program-transform-name options
dnl It is important that variables on the RHS not be expanded here,
dnl hence the single quotes. This is per the GNU coding standards, see
dnl (autoconf) Installation Directory Variables
dnl See also epaths.h below.
......@@ -3750,6 +3754,14 @@ fi
test "${exec_prefix}" != NONE &&
exec_prefix=`echo "${exec_prefix}" | sed 's,\([^/]\)/*$,\1,'`]
dnl You might wonder (I did) why epaths.h is generated by running make,
dnl rather than just letting configure generate it from
dnl One reason is that the various paths are not fully expanded (see above);
dnl eg gamedir=${prefix}/var/games/emacs.
dnl Secondly, the GNU Coding standards require that one should be able
dnl to run `make prefix=/some/where/else' and override the values set
dnl by configure. This also explains the `move-if-change' test and
dnl the use of force in the `epaths-force' rule in
AC_OUTPUT(Makefile lib-src/Makefile oldXMenu/Makefile \
doc/emacs/Makefile doc/misc/Makefile doc/lispintro/Makefile \
doc/lispref/Makefile src/Makefile \
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