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Change doc flag for notifications.el and soap-client.el

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......@@ -720,7 +720,7 @@ choose a color via list-colors-display.
*** It is now possible to access buses other than the default system
or session bus.
*** The dbus-register-method and dbus-register-property functions
*** The dbus-register-method and dbus-register-property functions
optionally do not register names.
*** The new function dbus-register-service registers a known service name
......@@ -1025,9 +1025,11 @@ Secret Service API requires D-Bus for communication. The command
`secrets-show-secrets' offers a buffer with a visualization of the
** notifications.el provides an implementation of the Desktop
Notifications API. It requires D-Bus for communication.
** soap-client.el supports access to SOAP web services from Emacs.
soap-inspect.el is an interactive inspector for SOAP WSDL structures.
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