Commit 8cfa1cd5 authored by Simon Josefsson's avatar Simon Josefsson
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(menu-bar-options-save): Add fringe-mode.

(menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu): New menu.
(menu-bar-showhide-menu): Add Fringe sub-menu.
parent 953cc889
......@@ -583,7 +583,7 @@ Do the same for the keys of the same name."
;; These are set with `customize-set-variable'.
(dolist (elt '(line-number-mode column-number-mode scroll-bar-mode
debug-on-quit debug-on-error menu-bar-mode tool-bar-mode
save-place uniquify-buffer-name-style
save-place uniquify-buffer-name-style fringe-mode
case-fold-search cua-mode show-paren-mode
transient-mark-mode global-font-lock-mode
display-time-mode auto-compression-mode
......@@ -653,6 +653,67 @@ Do the same for the keys of the same name."
(symbol-value 'speedbar-frame))))))
(setq menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu (make-sparse-keymap "Fringe"))
(defun menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize ()
"Show customization buffer for `fringe-mode'."
(customize-variable 'fringe-mode))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu [customize]
'(menu-item "Customize" menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize
:help "Detailed customization of fringe"
:visible (display-graphic-p)))
(defun menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize-reset ()
"Reset the default fringe mode."
(customize-set-variable 'fringe-mode nil))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu [default]
'(menu-item "Default" menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize-reset
:help "Default width fringe on both left and right side"
:visible (display-graphic-p)
:button (:radio . (eq fringe-mode nil))))
(defun menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize-left ()
"Make fringes appear only on the left."
(customize-set-variable 'fringe-mode nil '(nil . 0)))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu [left]
'(menu-item "On the Left" menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize-left
:help "Fringe only on the left side"
:visible (display-graphic-p)
:button (:radio . (equal fringe-mode '(nil . 0)))))
(defun menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize-right ()
"Make fringes appear only on the right."
(customize-set-variable 'fringe-mode nil '(0 . nil)))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu [right]
'(menu-item "On the Right" menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize-right
:help "Fringe only on the right side"
:visible (display-graphic-p)
:button (:radio . (equal fringe-mode '(0 . nil)))))
(defun menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize-disable ()
"Make fringes disappear."
(customize-set-variable 'fringe-mode nil 0))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu [none]
'(menu-item "None" menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu-customize-disable
:help "Turn off fringe"
:visible (display-graphic-p)
:button (:radio . (eq fringe-mode 0))))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-menu [showhide-fringe]
(list 'menu-item "Fringe" menu-bar-showhide-fringe-menu
:visible `(display-graphic-p)
:help "Select fringe mode"))
(defvar menu-bar-showhide-scroll-bar-menu (make-sparse-keymap "Scroll-bar"))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-scroll-bar-menu [right]
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