Commit 8d118843 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(outline-mode): Use outline-this-or-next-heading.

(outline-this-or-next-heading): New function.
(outline-mode): Fixed topic body reindentation scheme
so programming code is not indented unless
`outline-reindent-bodies' has value `force'.
(outline-infer-reindent-bodies): Implement above.
(outline-reindent-bodies): Doc fix.

(outline-init): New user interface for control of
outline-mode session setup.  Sets up `outline-find-file-hook',
`outline-layout', and `outline-auto-activation'.
parent 15fa1468
;;;_* allout.el - Extensive outline mode for use alone and with other modes.
;;;_* Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1994 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1994 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Ken Manheimer <>
;; Maintainer: Ken Manheimer <>
;; Created: Dec 1991 - first release to usenet
;; Version: $Id: allout.el,v 1.7 1994/05/09 06:36:19 rms Exp rms $||
;; Version: Id: allout.el,v 4.3 1994/05/12 17:43:08 klm Exp ||
;; Keywords: outline mode
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -383,11 +383,18 @@ lisp-archive package.]")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'outline-use-hanging-indents)
;;;_ = outline-reindent-bodies
(defvar outline-reindent-bodies outline-use-hanging-indents
(defvar outline-reindent-bodies (if outline-use-hanging-indents
"*Non-nil enables auto-adjust of topic body hanging indent with depth shifts.
Indented hanging bodies are adjusted to remain even with \(or
right-indented from\) the beginning of heading text.")
When active, topic body lines that are indented even with or beyond
their topic header are reindented to correspond with depth shifts of
the header.
A value of `t' enables reindent in non-programming-code buffers, ie
those that do not have the variable `comment-start' set. A value of
`force' enables reindent whether or not `comment-start' is set.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'outline-reindent-bodies)
;;;_ = outline-inhibit-protection
......@@ -408,14 +415,13 @@ behavior.")
;;;_ - Version
;;;_ = outline-version
(defvar outline-version
(let ((rcs-rev "$Revision: 1.7 $"))
(let ((rcs-rev "Revision: 4.3"))
(condition-case err
(string-match "\\$Revision: \\([0-9]+\\.[0-9]+\\)" rcs-rev)
(string-match "Revision: \\([0-9]+\\.[0-9]+\\)" rcs-rev)
(substring rcs-rev (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1)))
(error rcs-rev)))
"Revision number of currently loaded outline package. (Currently
specific to allout.el.)")
"Revision number of currently loaded outline package. \(allout.el)")
;;;_ > outline-version
(defun outline-version (&optional here)
"Return string describing the loaded outline version."
......@@ -468,14 +474,14 @@ that (match-beginning 2) and (match-end 2) delimit the prefix.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'outline-plain-bullets-string-len)
;;;_ > outline-reset-header-lead (header-lead)
;;;_ X outline-reset-header-lead (header-lead)
(defun outline-reset-header-lead (header-lead)
"*Reset the leading string used to identify topic headers."
(interactive "sNew lead string: ")
(setq outline-header-prefix header-lead)
(setq outline-header-subtraction (1- (length outline-header-prefix)))
;;;_ > outline-lead-with-comment-string (header-lead)
;;;_ X outline-lead-with-comment-string (header-lead)
(defun outline-lead-with-comment-string (&optional header-lead)
"*Set the topic-header leading string to specified string.
......@@ -489,18 +495,19 @@ language comments. Returns the leading string."
(setq outline-reindent-bodies nil)
(outline-reset-header-lead header-lead)
;;;_ > outline-infer-header-lead (&optional reset)
(defun outline-infer-header-lead (&optional set)
;;;_ > outline-infer-header-lead ()
(defun outline-infer-header-lead ()
"Determine appropriate `outline-header-prefix'.
Works according to settings of:
`outline-header-prefix' (default)
and `outline-mode-leaders'.
Optional arg SET means to do the processing to establish that prefix
for current outline processing, if it has changed from prior setting."
Apply this via \(re\)activation of `outline-mode', rather than
invoking it directly."
(let* ((use-leader (and (boundp 'outline-use-mode-specific-leader)
(if (or (stringp outline-use-mode-specific-leader)
(memq outline-use-mode-specific-leader
......@@ -537,8 +544,18 @@ for current outline processing, if it has changed from prior setting."
(if (string= leader outline-header-prefix)
nil ; no change, nothing to do.
(setq outline-header-prefix leader)
(if set (outline-reset-header-lead outline-header-prefix))
;;;_ > outline-infer-body-reindent ()
(defun outline-infer-body-reindent ()
"Determine proper setting for `outline-reindent-bodies'.
Depends on default setting of `outline-reindent-bodies' \(which see)
and presence of setting for `comment-start', to tell whether the
file is programming code."
(if (and outline-reindent-bodies
(not (eq 'force outline-reindent-bodies)))
(setq outline-reindent-bodies nil)))
;;;_ > set-outline-regexp ()
(defun set-outline-regexp ()
"Generate proper topic-header regexp form for outline functions.
......@@ -740,17 +757,19 @@ protection knows to keep inactive during file write."
"Outline-mode was last deliberately deactived.
So outline-post-command-business should not reactivate it...")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'outline-explicitly-deactivated)
;;;_ > outline-init (mode)
(defun outline-init (mode)
;;;_ > outline-init (&optional mode)
(defun outline-init (&optional mode)
"Prime outline-mode to enable/disable auto-activation, wrt `outline-layout'.
MODE is one of:
MODE is one of the following symbols:
- nil, for no auto-activation,
- `activation', for auto-activation only,
- `ask' for auto-activation and auto-layout on confirmation from user,
- anything else, for auto-activation and auto-layout, without any
confirmation check.
- nil \(or no argument) deactivate auto-activation/layou;
- 'activate', enable auto-activation only;
- 'ask', enable auto-activation, and enable auto-layout but with
confirmation for layout operation solicitated from user each time;
- 'report', just report and return the current auto-activation state;
- anything else \(eg, t) for auto-activation and auto-layout, without
any confirmation check.
Use this function to setup your emacs session for automatic activation
of allout outline mode, contingent to the buffer-specific setting of
......@@ -767,22 +786,52 @@ the following two lines in your emacs init file:
\(require 'allout)
\(outline-init t)"
(if (not mode)
(if (interactive-p)
(setq find-file-hooks (delq 'outline-find-file-hook find-file-hooks))
(setq mode
(concat "Select outline auto setup mode "
"(empty for report, ? for options) ")
("ask") ("report") (""))
(if (string= mode "")
(setq mode 'report)
(setq mode (intern-soft mode)))))
;; convenience aliases, for consistent ref to respective vars:
((hook 'outline-find-file-hook)
(curr-mode 'outline-auto-activation))
(cond ((not mode)
(setq find-file-hooks (delq hook find-file-hooks))
(if (interactive-p)
(message "Allout outline mode auto-activation inhibited.")))
(add-hook 'find-file-hooks 'outline-find-file-hook)
(setq outline-auto-activation
(cond ((eq mode 'activation)
(message "Allout outline mode auto-activation enabled.")
((eq mode 'report)
(if (not (memq hook find-file-hooks))
(outline-init nil)
;; Just punt and use the reports from each of the modes:
(outline-init (symbol-value curr-mode))))
(t (add-hook 'find-file-hooks hook)
(set curr-mode ; 'set', not 'setq'!
(cond ((eq mode 'activate)
"Outline mode auto-activation enabled.")
((eq mode 'report)
;; Return the current mode setting:
(outline-init mode))
((eq mode 'ask)
(message "Allout outline mode auto-activation enabled.")
(concat "Outline mode auto-activation and "
"-layout \(upon confirmation) enabled."))
"Allout outline mode auto-activation and -layout enabled.")
"Outline mode auto-activation and -layout enabled.")
;;;_ > outline-mode (&optional toggle)
;;;_ : Defun:
(defun outline-mode (&optional toggle)
......@@ -1049,6 +1098,7 @@ OPEN: A topic that is not closed, though its' offspring or body may be."
(outline-resumptions 'outline-old-style-prefixes '(()))))
......@@ -1128,7 +1178,8 @@ OPEN: A topic that is not closed, though its' offspring or body may be."
(setq outline-mode t))
;; Reactivation:
((setq do-layout t))
((setq do-layout t)
) ; cond
(if (and do-layout
......@@ -1140,16 +1191,21 @@ OPEN: A topic that is not closed, though its' offspring or body may be."
(message "Not doing %s layout.")
(message "Skipped %s layout." (buffer-name))
(message "Adjusting '%s' exposure..." (buffer-name))
(goto-char 0)
(if (not (outline-goto-prefix))
(condition-case err
(apply 'outline-expose-topic (list outline-layout))
(message "Adjusting '%s' exposure... done." (buffer-name))))
(message "Adjusting '%s' exposure... done." (buffer-name)))
;; Problem applying exposure - notify user, but don't
;; interrupt, eg, file visit:
(error (message "%s" (car (cdr err)))
(sit-for 1)))))
) ; let*
) ; defun
......@@ -1313,6 +1369,12 @@ Returns the location of the heading, or nil if none found."
(goto-char (or (match-beginning 2)
(or (match-end 2) outline-recent-prefix-end)))))
;;;_ : outline-this-or-next-heading
(defun outline-this-or-next-heading ()
"Position cursor on current or next heading."
;; A throwaway non-macro that is defined after outline-next-heading
;; and usable by outline-mode.
(if (not (outline-goto-prefix)) (outline-next-heading)))
;;;_ > outline-previous-heading ()
(defmacro outline-previous-heading ()
"Move to the prior \(possibly invisible) heading line.
......@@ -4277,4 +4339,3 @@ function. If HOOK is void, it is first set to nil."
;; allout.el ends here
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