Commit 8d1ada53 authored by Bill Wohler's avatar Bill Wohler
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(mh-list-to-string-1): Use dolist.

parent e8b5a7ce
2006-03-16 Bill Wohler <>
* mh-e.el (mh-list-to-string-1): Use dolist.
* mh-compat.el (mh-image-load-path-for-library): Prefer user's
......@@ -427,20 +427,20 @@ gnus-version)
(defun mh-list-to-string-1 (l)
"Flatten the list L and make every element of the new list into a string."
(let ((new-list nil))
(while l
(cond ((null (car l)))
((symbolp (car l))
(setq new-list (cons (symbol-name (car l)) new-list)))
((numberp (car l))
(setq new-list (cons (int-to-string (car l)) new-list)))
((equal (car l) ""))
((stringp (car l)) (setq new-list (cons (car l) new-list)))
((listp (car l))
(setq new-list (nconc (mh-list-to-string-1 (car l))
(t (error "Bad element in `mh-list-to-string': %s" (car l))))
(setq l (cdr l)))
(let (new-list)
(dolist (element l)
(cond ((null element))
((symbolp element)
(push (symbol-name element) new-list))
((numberp element)
(push (int-to-string element) new-list))
((equal element ""))
((stringp element)
(push element new-list))
((listp element)
(setq new-list (nconc (mh-list-to-string-1 element) new-list)))
(error "Bad element: %s" element))))
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