Commit 8d3fff6b authored by Paul Pogonyshev's avatar Paul Pogonyshev Committed by Noam Postavsky

Make `package' not "uninhibit" messages (Bug#34037)

* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Don't let-bind inhibit-message to a
different value if it was non-nil.
parent 9408e36b
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......@@ -1625,7 +1625,7 @@ downloads in the background."
(make-directory package-user-dir t))
(let ((default-keyring (expand-file-name "package-keyring.gpg"
(inhibit-message async))
(inhibit-message (or inhibit-message async)))
(when (and package-check-signature (file-exists-p default-keyring))
(condition-case-unless-debug error
(package-import-keyring default-keyring)
......@@ -3261,7 +3261,7 @@ objects removed."
(redisplay 'force)
(dolist (elt (package--sort-by-dependence delete-list))
(condition-case-unless-debug err
(let ((inhibit-message package-menu-async))
(let ((inhibit-message (or inhibit-message package-menu-async)))
(package-delete elt nil 'nosave))
(error (message "Error trying to delete `%s': %S"
(package-desc-full-name elt)
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