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(executable-insert): Doc fix.

(executable-query): Doc fix.
parent 99c1aeca
......@@ -52,19 +52,15 @@
;;; Code:
(defvar executable-insert 'not-modified
"*What to do when newly found file has no or wrong magic number:
nil do nothing
t insert or update magic number
other insert or update magic number, but mark as unmodified.
When the insertion is marked as unmodified, you can save it with \\[write-file] RET.
This variable is used when `executable-set-magic' is called as a function,
e.g. when Emacs sets some Un*x interpreter script mode.
With \\[executable-set-magic], this is always treated as if it were `t'.")
(defvar executable-insert t
"*Non-nil means offer to add a magic number to a file.
This takes effect when you switch to certain major modes,
including Shell-script mode (`sh-mode').
When you type \\[executable-set-magic], it always offers to add or
update the magic number.")
(defvar executable-query 'function
"*If non-`nil', ask user before inserting or changing magic number.
"*If non-nil, ask user before changing an existing magic number.
When this is `function', only ask when called non-interactively.")
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