Commit 8d7f1de3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(apropos-print): Pass t instead of DO-KEYS

when calling apropos-print-doc.
parent f0f68b25
......@@ -570,15 +570,15 @@ found."
(if (apropos-macrop symbol)
(if (get symbol 'custom-type)
(apropos-print-doc 'customize-variable-other-window 2
"User Option" do-keys)
"User Option" t)
(apropos-print-doc 'describe-variable 2
"Variable" do-keys))
(apropos-print-doc 'customize-group-other-window 6 "Group" do-keys)
(apropos-print-doc 'customize-face-other-window 5 "Face" do-keys)
(apropos-print-doc 'widget-browse-other-window 4 "Widget" do-keys)
"Variable" t))
(apropos-print-doc 'customize-group-other-window 6 "Group" t)
(apropos-print-doc 'customize-face-other-window 5 "Face" t)
(apropos-print-doc 'widget-browse-other-window 4 "Widget" t)
(apropos-print-doc 'apropos-describe-plist 3
"Plist" nil)))))
(prog1 apropos-accumulator
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