Commit 8d86541f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(fixed, excerpt): Define with defface. No longer

queries X server to find a "fixed" font; that was too slow and
didn't work for everyone.
parent b1b7afc7
......@@ -59,23 +59,22 @@
;;; Set up faces & display table
;; A slight cheat - all emacs's faces are fixed-width.
;; The idea is just to pick one that looks different from the default.
(if (internal-find-face 'fixed)
(make-face 'fixed)
(if window-system
(set-face-font 'fixed
(car (or (x-list-fonts "*fixed-medium*"
'default (selected-frame))
(x-list-fonts "*fixed*"
'default (selected-frame)))))))
(if (internal-find-face 'excerpt)
(make-face 'excerpt)
(if window-system
(make-face-italic 'excerpt nil t)))
;; Emacs doesn't have a "fixed" face by default, since all faces currently
;; have to be fixed-width. So we just pick one that looks different from the
;; default.
(defface fixed
'((t (:bold t)))
"Face used for text that must be shown in fixed width.
Currently, emacs can only display fixed-width fonts, but this may change.
This face is used for text specifically marked as fixed-width, for example
in text/enriched files."
:group 'enriched)
(defface excerpt
'((t (:italic t)))
"Face used for text that is an excerpt from another document.
This is used in enriched-mode for text explicitly marked as an excerpt."
:group 'enriched)
(defconst enriched-display-table (or (copy-sequence standard-display-table)
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