Commit 8de786ae authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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Add charset info for "iso10646-1". Modify default fontset to use

ATSUI-compatible fonts for some charsets if available.
parent c615a00c
......@@ -1132,6 +1132,7 @@ correspoinding TextEncodingBase value."
(mac-add-charset-info "mac-symbol" 33)
(mac-add-charset-info "adobe-fontspecific" 33) ; for X-Symbol
(mac-add-charset-info "mac-dingbats" 34)
(mac-add-charset-info "iso10646-1" 126) ; for ATSUI
;;;; Keyboard layout/language change events
......@@ -1714,9 +1715,21 @@ It returns a name of the created fontset."
;; Setup the default fontset.
;; Add Mac-encoding fonts unless ETL fonts are installed.
(unless (x-list-fonts "*-iso8859-1")
(fontset-add-mac-fonts "fontset-default"))
(cond ((x-list-fonts "*-iso10646-1")
;; Use ATSUI (if available) for the following charsets.
(charset '(latin-iso8859-1
latin-iso8859-2 latin-iso8859-3 latin-iso8859-4
thai-tis620 greek-iso8859-7 arabic-iso8859-6
hebrew-iso8859-8 cyrillic-iso8859-5
latin-iso8859-9 latin-iso8859-15 latin-iso8859-14
japanese-jisx0212 chinese-sisheng ipa
vietnamese-viscii-lower vietnamese-viscii-upper
lao ethiopic tibetan))
(set-fontset-font nil charset '(nil . "iso10646-1"))))
((null (x-list-fonts "*-iso8859-1"))
;; Add Mac-encoding fonts unless ETL fonts are installed.
(fontset-add-mac-fonts "fontset-default")))
;; Create a fontset that uses mac-roman font. With this fontset,
;; characters decoded from mac-roman encoding (ascii, latin-iso8859-1,
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