Commit 8e1b21a7 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(struct font_name): New member registry_priority.

(split_font_name): Initialize the above member to zero.
(concat_font_list): New function.
(font_list): Include fonts of all alternative registries.
(better_font_p): Ignore point size difference less than
FONT_POINT_SIZE_QUANTUM.  Use registry_prioprity as a last resort.
parent 1bdeec2e
......@@ -1827,6 +1827,9 @@ struct font_name
/* Numeric values for those fields that interest us. See
split_font_name for which these are. */
int numeric[XLFD_LAST];
/* Lower value mean higher priority. */
int registry_priority;
/* The frame in effect when sorting font names. Set temporarily in
......@@ -2176,6 +2179,10 @@ split_font_name (f, font, numeric_p)
font->numeric[XLFD_SWIDTH] = xlfd_numeric_swidth (font);
/* Initialize it to zero. It will be overridden by font_list while
trying alternate registries. */
font->registry_priority = 0;
return success_p;
......@@ -2547,13 +2554,34 @@ font_list_1 (f, pattern, family, registry, fonts)
/* Concatenate font list FONTS1 and FONTS2. FONTS1 and FONTS2
contains NFONTS1 fonts and NFONTS2 fonts respectively. Return a
pointer to a newly allocated font list. FONTS1 and FONTS2 are
freed. */
static struct font_name *
concat_font_list (fonts1, nfonts1, fonts2, nfonts2)
struct font_name *fonts1, *fonts2;
int nfonts1, nfonts2;
int new_nfonts = nfonts1 + nfonts2;
struct font_name *new_fonts;
new_fonts = (struct font_name *) xmalloc (sizeof *new_fonts * new_nfonts);
bcopy (fonts1, new_fonts, sizeof *new_fonts * nfonts1);
bcopy (fonts2, new_fonts + nfonts1, sizeof *new_fonts * nfonts2);
xfree (fonts1);
xfree (fonts2);
return new_fonts;
/* Get a sorted list of fonts of family FAMILY on frame F.
If PATTERN is non-nil list fonts matching that pattern.
If REGISTRY is non-nil, retur fonts with that registry. If none
are found, try alternative registries from
If REGISTRY is non-nil, return fonts with that registry and the
alternative registries from Vface_alternative_font_registry_alist.
If REGISTRY is nil return fonts of any registry.
......@@ -2569,8 +2597,7 @@ font_list (f, pattern, family, registry, fonts)
int nfonts = font_list_1 (f, pattern, family, registry, fonts);
if (nfonts == 0
&& !NILP (registry)
if (!NILP (registry)
&& CONSP (Vface_alternative_font_registry_alist))
Lisp_Object alter;
......@@ -2578,11 +2605,25 @@ font_list (f, pattern, family, registry, fonts)
alter = Fassoc (registry, Vface_alternative_font_registry_alist);
if (CONSP (alter))
for (alter = XCDR (alter);
CONSP (alter) && nfonts == 0;
alter = XCDR (alter))
int reg_prio, i;
for (alter = XCDR (alter), reg_prio = 1;
CONSP (alter);
alter = XCDR (alter), reg_prio++)
if (STRINGP (XCAR (alter)))
nfonts = font_list_1 (f, pattern, family, XCAR (alter), fonts);
int nfonts2;
struct font_name *fonts2;
nfonts2 = font_list_1 (f, pattern, family, XCAR (alter),
for (i = 0; i < nfonts2; i++)
fonts2[i].registry_priority = reg_prio;
*fonts = (nfonts > 0
? concat_font_list (*fonts, nfonts, fonts2, nfonts2)
: fonts2);
nfonts += nfonts2;
......@@ -5614,6 +5655,10 @@ font_scalable_p (font)
/* Ignore the difference of font point size less than this value. */
/* Value is non-zero if FONT1 is a better match for font attributes
VALUES than FONT2. VALUES is an array of face attribute values in
font sort order. COMPARE_PT_P zero means don't compare point
......@@ -5636,6 +5681,9 @@ better_font_p (values, font1, font2, compare_pt_p)
int delta1 = abs (values[i] - font1->numeric[xlfd_idx]);
int delta2 = abs (values[i] - font2->numeric[xlfd_idx]);
if (xlfd_idx == XLFD_POINT_SIZE
&& abs (delta1 - delta2) < FONT_POINT_SIZE_QUANTUM)
if (delta1 > delta2)
return 0;
else if (delta1 < delta2)
......@@ -5653,7 +5701,7 @@ better_font_p (values, font1, font2, compare_pt_p)
return 0;
return (font1->registry_priority < font2->registry_priority);
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