Commit 8e2911c2 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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(find_start_pos, find_start_value)

(find_start_value_byte, find_start_begv, find_defun_start)
(back_comment, scan_sexps_forward): Use EMACS_INT for buffer
parent 98a01702
2008-07-20 Andreas Schwab <>
* syntax.c (find_start_pos, find_start_value)
(find_start_value_byte, find_start_begv, find_defun_start)
(back_comment, scan_sexps_forward): Use EMACS_INT for buffer
2008-07-20 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* s/sol2-3.h: Insert contents of s/sol2.h.
......@@ -87,15 +87,15 @@ struct lisp_parse_state
find_start_begv is the BEGV value when it was found.
find_start_modiff is the value of MODIFF when it was found. */
static int find_start_pos;
static int find_start_value;
static int find_start_value_byte;
static EMACS_INT find_start_pos;
static EMACS_INT find_start_value;
static EMACS_INT find_start_value_byte;
static struct buffer *find_start_buffer;
static int find_start_begv;
static EMACS_INT find_start_begv;
static int find_start_modiff;
static int find_defun_start P_ ((int, int));
static int find_defun_start P_ ((EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT));
static int back_comment P_ ((EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, int, int,
static int char_quoted P_ ((int, int));
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ static Lisp_Object skip_chars P_ ((int, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object, int));
static Lisp_Object skip_syntaxes P_ ((int, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
static Lisp_Object scan_lists P_ ((EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, int));
static void scan_sexps_forward P_ ((struct lisp_parse_state *,
int, int, int, int,
int, Lisp_Object, int));
static int in_classes P_ ((int, Lisp_Object));
......@@ -374,9 +374,9 @@ dec_bytepos (bytepos)
static int
find_defun_start (pos, pos_byte)
int pos, pos_byte;
EMACS_INT pos, pos_byte;
int opoint = PT, opoint_byte = PT_BYTE;
EMACS_INT opoint = PT, opoint_byte = PT_BYTE;
if (!open_paren_in_column_0_is_defun_start)
......@@ -505,14 +505,14 @@ back_comment (from, from_byte, stop, comnested, comstyle, charpos_ptr, bytepos_p
inside another comment).
Test case: { a (* b } c (* d *) */
int comment_lossage = 0;
int comment_end = from;
int comment_end_byte = from_byte;
int comstart_pos = 0;
int comstart_byte;
EMACS_INT comment_end = from;
EMACS_INT comment_end_byte = from_byte;
EMACS_INT comstart_pos = 0;
EMACS_INT comstart_byte;
/* Place where the containing defun starts,
or 0 if we didn't come across it yet. */
int defun_start = 0;
int defun_start_byte = 0;
EMACS_INT defun_start = 0;
EMACS_INT defun_start_byte = 0;
register enum syntaxcode code;
int nesting = 1; /* current comment nesting */
int c;
......@@ -2921,9 +2921,9 @@ static void
scan_sexps_forward (stateptr, from, from_byte, end, targetdepth,
stopbefore, oldstate, commentstop)
struct lisp_parse_state *stateptr;
register int from;
int from_byte;
int end, targetdepth, stopbefore;
register EMACS_INT from;
EMACS_INT from_byte, end;
int targetdepth, stopbefore;
Lisp_Object oldstate;
int commentstop;
......@@ -2942,8 +2942,8 @@ scan_sexps_forward (stateptr, from, from_byte, end, targetdepth,
int mindepth; /* Lowest DEPTH value seen. */
int start_quoted = 0; /* Nonzero means starting after a char quote */
Lisp_Object tem;
int prev_from; /* Keep one character before FROM. */
int prev_from_byte;
EMACS_INT prev_from; /* Keep one character before FROM. */
EMACS_INT prev_from_byte;
int prev_from_syntax;
int boundary_stop = commentstop == -1;
int nofence;
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