Commit 8e46e267 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(sh-shell-arg): Don't add any options for bash, ksh.

parent 2c01dfb7
......@@ -105,11 +105,14 @@ shell it really is.")
"*The executable file name for the shell being programmed.")
;; bash and ksh do not need any options when run in a shell script,
;; and says -p with ksh can do harm.
(defvar sh-shell-arg
'((bash . "-norc")
(csh . "-f")
(ksh88 eval progn nil (if (file-exists-p "/etc/suid_profile") nil "-p"))
;; says -p may be wrong for this too.
(rc . "-p")
(wksh . "-motif")
(zsh . "-f"))
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