Commit 8e7a0f83 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(rmail-get-new-mail-1): Fix the spam beep test.

(rmail-get-new-mail-filter-spam): Simplify.  Don't mess with
(rmail-insert-inbox-text, rmail-collect-deleted)
(rmail-set-message-deleted-p, rmail-only-expunge)
(rmail-make-in-reply-to-field): Replace ?\  with ?\s.
(rmail-get-labels): Remove unused local `blurb'.
(rmail-message-attr-p, rmail-message-unseen-p, rmail-message-labels-p)
(rmail-msgend, rmail-msgbeg, rmail-message-deleted-p)
(rmail-set-message-deleted-p): Doc fixes.
parent 8ad667fa
......@@ -1383,6 +1383,7 @@ If so restore the actual mbox message collection."
(let* ((revert-buffer-function (default-value 'revert-buffer-function))
(rmail-enable-multibyte enable-multibyte-characters)
;; See similar code in `rmail'.
;; FIXME needs updating?
(coding-system-for-read (and rmail-enable-multibyte 'raw-text))
(before-revert-hook 'rmail-swap-buffers-maybe))
;; Call our caller again, but this time it does the default thing.
......@@ -1707,47 +1708,37 @@ It returns t if it got any new messages."
(rmail-select-summary (rmail-update-summary)))
(setq suffix (if (= 1 new-messages) "" "s"))
(message "%d new message%s read%s" new-messages suffix blurb)
(when spam-filter-p
(unless (string-equal blurb "") ; there was spam
(if rsf-beep (beep t))
;; FIXME This doesn't seem a very good feature, e.g. it delays the
;; appearance of the summary, and leaves the raw buffer visible.
(sleep-for rsf-sleep-after-message))
;; Establish the return value.
(setq result (> new-messages 0))
(defun rmail-get-new-mail-filter-spam (new-message-count)
"Process new messages for spam."
(let* ((old-messages (- rmail-total-messages new-message-count))
(rsf-number-of-spam 0)
(rsf-scanned-message-number (1+ old-messages))
;; save deletion flags of old messages: vector starts at zero
;; (is one longer than no of messages), therefore take 1+
;; old-messages
(save-deleted (substring rmail-deleted-vector 0 (1+ old-messages)))
;; set all messages to undeleted
(setq rmail-deleted-vector (make-string (1+ rmail-total-messages) ?\ ))
(while (<= rsf-scanned-message-number rmail-total-messages)
(if (not (rmail-spam-filter rsf-scanned-message-number))
(progn (setq rsf-number-of-spam (1+ rsf-number-of-spam))))
(setq rsf-scanned-message-number (1+ rsf-scanned-message-number))))
(if (> rsf-number-of-spam 0)
(when (rmail-expunge-confirmed)
(rmail-only-expunge t))))
(setq rmail-deleted-vector
(concat save-deleted
(make-string (- rmail-total-messages old-messages) ?\ )))
;; Generate a return value message based on the number of spam
;; messages found.
(defun rmail-get-new-mail-filter-spam (nnew)
"Check the most NNEW recent messages for spam."
(let* ((nold (- rmail-total-messages nnew))
(nspam 0)
(nscan (1+ nold)))
(while (<= nscan rmail-total-messages)
(or (rmail-spam-filter nscan)
(setq nspam (1+ nspam)))
(setq nscan (1+ nscan)))
;; FIXME the expunge prompt leaves the raw mbox buffer showing,
;; but it's not straightforward to show a message at this point
;; without messing up the rest of get-new-mail.
(and (> nspam 0)
(rmail-only-expunge t))
;; Return a message based on the number of spam messages found.
((zerop rsf-number-of-spam) "")
((= 1 new-message-count) ", and appears to be spam")
((= rsf-number-of-spam new-message-count) ", and all appear to be spam")
((> rsf-number-of-spam 1)
(format ", and %d appear to be spam" rsf-number-of-spam))
(t ", and 1 appears to be spam"))))
((zerop nspam) "")
((= 1 nnew) ", and it appears to be spam")
((= nspam nnew) ", and all appear to be spam")
(t (format ", and %d appear%s to be spam" nspam
(if (= 1 nspam) "s" ""))))))
(defun rmail-parse-url (file)
......@@ -1882,7 +1873,7 @@ is non-nil if the user has supplied the password interactively.
(set-buffer errors)
(subst-char-in-region (point-min) (point-max)
?\n ?\ )
?\n ?\s)
(goto-char (point-max))
(skip-chars-backward " \t")
(delete-region (point) (point-max))
......@@ -2078,7 +2069,7 @@ It is put in comma-separated form.
MSG, if non-nil, identifies the message number to use.
If nil, that means the current message."
(or msg (setq msg rmail-current-message))
(let (blurb attr-names keywords)
(let (attr-names keywords)
;; Combine the message attributes and keywords
;; into a comma-separated list.
(setq attr-names (rmail-get-attr-names msg)
......@@ -2184,26 +2175,26 @@ change; nil means current message."
(set-buffer-modified-p t)))))
(defun rmail-message-attr-p (msg attrs)
"Return t if the attributes header for message MSG matches regexp ATTRS."
"Return non-nil if message number MSG has attributes matching regexp ATTRS."
(let ((value (rmail-get-header rmail-attribute-header msg)))
(and value (string-match attrs value))))
(defun rmail-message-unseen-p (msgnum)
"Test the unseen attribute for message MSGNUM.
Return non-nil if the unseen attribute is set, nil otherwise."
"Return non-nil if message number MSGNUM has the unseen attribute."
(rmail-message-attr-p msgnum "......U"))
;; Return t if the attributes/keywords line of msg number MSG
;; contains a match for the regexp LABELS.
(defun rmail-message-labels-p (msg labels)
"Return non-nil if message number MSG has labels matching regexp LABELS."
(string-match labels (rmail-get-labels msg)))
;;;; *** Rmail Message Selection And Support ***
(defun rmail-msgend (n)
"Return the start position for message number N."
(marker-position (aref rmail-message-vector (1+ n))))
(defun rmail-msgbeg (n)
"Return the end position for message number N."
(marker-position (aref rmail-message-vector n)))
(defun rmail-apply-in-message (msgnum function &rest args)
......@@ -2364,7 +2355,7 @@ the message. Point is at the beginning of the message."
(cons (if (and (search-forward (concat rmail-attribute-header ": ") message-end t)
(looking-at "?D"))
?\ ) deleted-head))))
?\s) deleted-head))))
(defun rmail-set-message-counters-counter (&optional stop)
;; Collect the start position for each message into 'messages-head.
......@@ -3080,10 +3071,13 @@ If N is negative, go forwards instead."
;;;; *** Rmail Message Deletion Commands ***
(defun rmail-message-deleted-p (n)
"Return non-nil if message number N is deleted (in `rmail-deleted-vector')."
(= (aref rmail-deleted-vector n) ?D))
(defun rmail-set-message-deleted-p (n state)
(aset rmail-deleted-vector n (if state ?D ?\ )))
"Set the deleted state of message number N (in `rmail-deleted-vector').
STATE non-nil means mark as deleted."
(aset rmail-deleted-vector n (if state ?D ?\s)))
(defun rmail-delete-message ()
"Delete this message and stay on it."
......@@ -3229,7 +3223,7 @@ See also user-option `rmail-confirm-expunge'."
(setq rmail-current-message new-message-number
rmail-total-messages counter
rmail-message-vector (apply 'vector messages-head)
rmail-deleted-vector (make-string (1+ counter) ?\ )
rmail-deleted-vector (make-string (1+ counter) ?\s)
rmail-summary-vector (vconcat (nreverse new-summary))
rmail-msgref-vector (apply 'vector (nreverse new-msgref))
win t)))
......@@ -3449,10 +3443,10 @@ which is an element of rmail-msgref-vector."
(end (match-end 1)))
;; Trim whitespace which above regexp match allows
(while (and (< start end)
(memq (aref from start) '(?\t ?\ )))
(memq (aref from start) '(?\t ?\s)))
(setq start (1+ start)))
(while (and (< start end)
(memq (aref from (1- end)) '(?\t ?\ )))
(memq (aref from (1- end)) '(?\t ?\s)))
(setq end (1- end)))
(let ((field (substring from start end)))
(if date (setq field (concat "message from " field " on " date)))
......@@ -3984,15 +3978,15 @@ encoded string (and the same mask) will decode the string."
;;;; Desktop support
(defun rmail-restore-desktop-buffer (desktop-buffer-file-name
"Restore an rmail buffer specified in a desktop file."
(condition-case error
(rmail-input desktop-buffer-file-name)
(if (eq major-mode 'rmail-mode)
(rmail-input desktop-buffer-file-name)
(if (eq major-mode 'rmail-mode)
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))
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