Commit 8e86942b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Qwholenump): New variable.

(syms_of_data): Set and gcpro Qwholenump.
parent 07a97bf8
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ Lisp_Object Qsetting_constant, Qinvalid_read_syntax;
Lisp_Object Qinvalid_function, Qwrong_number_of_arguments, Qno_catch;
Lisp_Object Qend_of_file, Qarith_error, Qmark_inactive;
Lisp_Object Qbeginning_of_buffer, Qend_of_buffer, Qbuffer_read_only;
Lisp_Object Qintegerp, Qnatnump, Qsymbolp, Qlistp, Qconsp;
Lisp_Object Qintegerp, Qnatnump, Qwholenump, Qsymbolp, Qlistp, Qconsp;
Lisp_Object Qstringp, Qarrayp, Qsequencep, Qbufferp;
Lisp_Object Qchar_or_string_p, Qmarkerp, Qinteger_or_marker_p, Qvectorp;
Lisp_Object Qbuffer_or_string_p;
......@@ -2021,6 +2021,7 @@ syms_of_data ()
Qsymbolp = intern ("symbolp");
Qintegerp = intern ("integerp");
Qnatnump = intern ("natnump");
Qwholenump = intern ("wholenump");
Qstringp = intern ("stringp");
Qarrayp = intern ("arrayp");
Qsequencep = intern ("sequencep");
......@@ -2204,6 +2205,7 @@ syms_of_data ()
staticpro (&Qsymbolp);
staticpro (&Qintegerp);
staticpro (&Qnatnump);
staticpro (&Qwholenump);
staticpro (&Qstringp);
staticpro (&Qarrayp);
staticpro (&Qsequencep);
......@@ -2301,6 +2303,8 @@ syms_of_data ()
defsubr (&Sadd1);
defsubr (&Ssub1);
defsubr (&Slognot);
Fset (Qwholenump, Qnatnump);
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