Commit 8ea151b2 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(describe_syntax): Handle new syntax-table data format.

(Fmodify_syntax_entry, init_syntax_once): Use SET_RAW_SYNTAX_ENTRY.
Handle new syntax-table data format.
(check_syntax_table): Use CHECK_CHAR_TABLE.  Now static.
Don't return anything; callers changed.
(Fcopy_syntax_table): Use Fcopy_sequence.
(Fchar_syntax, Fmatching_paren, Fforward_comment): Copy complex args
to SYNTAX into variables before using them.
(Fsyntax_table_p): Accept any char-table.
(syntax_parent_lookup): New function.
(syntax_temp): New variable.
parent e46c910e
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