Commit 8ed46b76 authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third
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Remove hardcoded gcc version

* Use 'find' to find the brew installed libgccjit libs
instead of a hardcoded path.
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......@@ -3806,8 +3806,10 @@ if test "${with_native_compilation}" != "no"; then
if test -n "$BREW"; then
BREW_LIBGCCJIT_PREFIX=`$BREW --prefix --installed libgccjit 2>/dev/null`
if test "$BREW_LIBGCCJIT_PREFIX"; then
brew_libdir=`find ${BREW_LIBGCCJIT_PREFIX}/ -name \*.so \
| sed -e '1!d;s|/[[^/]]*\.so$||'`
LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -L${brew_libdir} -I${BREW_LIBGCCJIT_PREFIX}/include"
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