Commit 8f12817f authored by Edward M. Reingold's avatar Edward M. Reingold
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Undefine kill-region and copy-region-as-kill.

parent 051d1419
......@@ -1387,13 +1387,10 @@ the inserted text. Value is always t."
(if window-system (require 'cal-menu))
(calendar-for-loop i from 0 to 9 do
(define-key calendar-mode-map (int-to-string i) 'digit-argument))
;; kill-region and copy-region-as-kill are omitted from this list
;; because they cause an ugly second pane in the Edit menu.
(let ((l (list 'narrow-to-region 'mark-word 'mark-sexp 'mark-paragraph
'mark-defun 'mark-whole-buffer 'mark-page
'downcase-region 'upcase-region
'capitalize-region 'write-region)))
'downcase-region 'upcase-region 'kill-region
'copy-region-as-kill 'capitalize-region 'write-region)))
(while l
(substitute-key-definition (car l) 'calendar-not-implemented
calendar-mode-map global-map)
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