Commit 8f19c492 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(speedbar-xemacs20p): Remove compatibility code for

Emacs versions without custom.el.
parent cc0f405b
......@@ -178,29 +178,6 @@
(defvar speedbar-xemacs20p (and speedbar-xemacsp
(= emacs-major-version 20)))
;; From custom web page for compatibility between versions of custom:
(condition-case ()
(require 'custom)
(error nil))
(if (and (featurep 'custom) (fboundp 'custom-declare-variable)
;; Some XEmacsen w/ custom don't have :set keyword.
;; This protects them against custom.
(fboundp 'custom-initialize-set))
nil ;; We've got what we needed
;; We have the old custom-library, hack around it!
(defmacro defgroup (&rest args)
(defmacro defface (var values doc &rest args)
(` (progn
(defvar (, var) (quote (, var)))
;; To make colors for your faces you need to set your .Xdefaults
;; or set them up ahead of time in your .emacs file.
(make-face (, var))
(defmacro defcustom (var value doc &rest args)
(` (defvar (, var) (, value) (, doc))))))
;; customization stuff
(defgroup speedbar nil
"File and tag browser frame."
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