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Mention possible problems with ldapsearch from OpenLDAP version 1.

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......@@ -582,6 +582,13 @@ is to use the default compiler `cc'.
`before-change-function' and `after-change-function', which are no
longer used by Emacs. Please use PSGML 1.2.3 or later.
* The LDAP support rely on ldapsearch program from OpenLDAP version 2.
It can fail to work with ldapsearch program from OpenLDAP version 1.
Version 1 of OpenLDAP is now deprecated. If you are still using it,
please upgrade to version 2. As a temporary workaround, remove
argument "-x" from the variable `ldap-ldapsearch-args'.
* Unicode characters are not unified with other Mule charsets.
As of v21.1, Emacs charsets are still not unified. This means that
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