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(Select Buffer): Document even-window-heights and

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......@@ -68,10 +68,6 @@ Similar, but select @var{buffer} in a separate frame
@end table
@kindex C-x 4 b
@findex switch-to-buffer-other-window
@kindex C-x 5 b
@findex switch-to-buffer-other-frame
@kindex C-x b
@findex switch-to-buffer
To select the buffer named @var{bufname}, type @kbd{C-x b @var{bufname}
......@@ -81,6 +77,34 @@ name you want (@pxref{Completion}). An empty argument to @kbd{C-x b}
specifies the most recently selected buffer that is not displayed in any
@kindex C-x 4 b
@findex switch-to-buffer-other-window
@vindex even-window-heights
To select a buffer in a window other than the current one, type
@kbd{C-x 4 b @var{bufname} @key{RET}}. This runs the command
@code{switch-to-buffer-other-window} which displays the buffer
@var{bufname} in another window. By default, if displaying the buffer
causes two vertically adjacent windows to be displayed, the heights of
those windows are evened out; to countermand that and preserve the
window configuration, set the variable @code{even-window-heights} to
@kindex C-x 5 b
@findex switch-to-buffer-other-frame
Similarly, @kbd{C-x 5 b @var{buffer} @key{RET}} runs the command
@code{switch-to-buffer-other-frame} which selects a buffer in another
@vindex display-buffer-reuse-frames
You can control how certain buffers are handled by these commands by
customizing the variables @code{special-display-buffer-names},
@code{special-display-regexps}, @code{same-window-buffer-names}, and
@code{same-window-regexps}. See @ref{Force Same Window}, and
@ref{Special Buffer Frames}, for more about these variables. In
addition, if the value of @code{display-buffer-reuse-frames} is
non-@code{nil}, and the buffer you want to switch to is already
displayed in some frame, Emacs will raise that frame.
Most buffers are created by visiting files, or by Emacs commands that
want to display some text, but you can also create a buffer explicitly
by typing @kbd{C-x b @var{bufname} @key{RET}}. This makes a new, empty
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