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......@@ -2487,6 +2487,13 @@ the command `undefined'. (In earlier Emacs versions, it used
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 21.4
** The line-move, scroll-up, and scroll-down functions will now
modify the window vscroll to scroll through display rows that are
taller that the height of the window, for example in the presense of
large images. To disable this feature, Lisp code may bind the new
variable `auto-window-vscroll' to nil.
** If a buffer sets buffer-save-without-query to non-nil,
save-some-buffers will always save that buffer without asking
2005-01-23 Kim F. Storm <>
* simple.el (line-move): Adapt to new return value from
* simple.el (line-move): Fix last change. Check partial
visibility at point rather than at window-start.
2005-01-23 Kim F. Storm <>
* windows.texi (Window Start): Fix `pos-visible-in-window-p'
return value. Third element FULLY replaced by PARTIAL which
specifies number of invisible pixels if row is only partially visible.
(Textual Scrolling): Mention auto-window-vscroll.
(Vertical Scrolling): New defvar auto-window-vscroll.
2005-01-16 Luc Teirlinck <>
* keymaps.texi (Changing Key Bindings): `suppress-keymap' now uses
2005-01-23 Kim F. Storm <>
* window.c (Fpos_visible_in_window_p): Simplify return value for
for partially visible rows.
partially visible rows.
(window_scroll_pixel_based): Adapt to that change.
* window.c (window_scroll_pixel_based): Force moving to next line
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