Commit 8f978ca0 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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nt/configure.bat: Add comment about USER_(C|LD)FLAGS.

parent 413d18e7
......@@ -630,6 +630,8 @@ echo. >>config.settings
copy config.nt config.tmp
echo. >>config.tmp
echo /* Start of settings from configure.bat. */ >>config.tmp
rem We write USER_CFLAGS and USER_LDFLAGS starting with a space to simplify
rem processing of compiler options in w32.c:get_emacs_configuration_options
if (%docflags%) == (Y) echo #define USER_CFLAGS " %usercflags%">>config.tmp
if (%doldflags%) == (Y) echo #define USER_LDFLAGS " %userldflags%">>config.tmp
if (%profile%) == (Y) echo #define PROFILING 1 >>config.tmp
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