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......@@ -35,6 +35,11 @@ Emacs with Leim.
* Changes in Emacs 21.3
** Limited support for charset unification has been added.
By default, Emacs now knows how to translate latin-N chars between their
charset and some other latin-N charset or unicode. You can force a
more complete unification by calling (unify-8859-on-decoding-mode 1).
** The scrollbar under Motif has a smoother drag-scrolling.
On the other hand, the size of the thumb does not represent the actual
amount of text shown any more (only a crude approximation of it).
2002-03-18 Stefan Monnier <>
* international/ucs-tables.el (unify-8859-on-decoding-mode)
(unify-8859-on-encoding-mode): Remove autoload cookie.
2002-03-18 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc-rcs.el (vc-rcs-register): Fix handling of
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