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Fix categorization of Thai characters in

(thai-composition-pattern): Adjust it for the above change.
(thai-self-insert-command, thai-compose-syllable): New functions.
(thai-compose-region): Use thai-compose-syllable.
(thai-compose-string): Likewise.
(thai-composition-function): Likewise.
(thai-auto-composition): New function.
(thai-auto-composition-mode): New minor mode.
parent 7b6fb480
......@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@
;; Copyright (C) 1995 Electrotechnical Laboratory, JAPAN.
;; Licensed to the Free Software Foundation.
;; Copyright (C) 2005
;; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
;; Registration Number H14PRO021
;; Keywords: mule, multilingual, thai
......@@ -31,20 +34,38 @@
(defconst thai-category-table (make-category-table))
(define-category ?c "Thai consonant" thai-category-table)
(define-category ?v "Thai upper/lower vowel" thai-category-table)
(define-category ?t "Thai tone" thai-category-table)
(define-category ?t "Thai tone mark" thai-category-table)
(define-category ?u "Thai tone mark and upper sign" thai-category-table)
(define-category ?I "THAI CHARACTER SARA I" thai-category-table)
(define-category ?U "THAI CHARACTER THANTHAKHAT" thai-category-table)
;; The general composing rules are as follows:
;; T
;; V T V T
;; CV -> C, CT -> C, CVT -> C, Cv -> C, CvT -> C
;; V U V U
;; CV -> C, CU -> C, CVT -> C, Cv -> C, CvU -> C
;; v v
;; where C: consonant, V: vowel upper, v: vowel lower, T: tone mark.
;; where C: consonant, V: vowel upper, v: vowel lower,
;; T: tone mark, U: tone mark and upper sign.
;; Special rule: The sign `,Tl(B' can be put on the vowel `,TT(B'.
(defvar thai-composition-pattern "\\cc\\(\\ct\\|\\cv\\ct?\\)"
(defvar thai-composition-pattern
"Regular expression matching a Thai composite sequence.")
(defun thai-self-insert-command (&optional n)
"Insert the Thai character you type.
The character will be composed with the surrounding Thai character
if necessary."
(interactive "*p")
(let ((pos (point))
category-set ch)
(self-insert-command n)
(or thai-auto-composition-mode
(thai-auto-composition (1- (point)) (point) 0))))
(let ((l '((?,T!(B consonant "LETTER KO KAI") ; 0xA1
(?,T"(B consonant "LETTER KHO KHAI") ; 0xA2
(?,T#(B consonant "LETTER KHO KHUAT") ; 0xA3
......@@ -115,14 +136,14 @@
(?,Td(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA MAI MALAI") ; 0xE4
(?,Te(B vowel-base "LAK KHANG YAO") ; 0xE5
(?,Tf(B special "MAI YAMOK (repetion)") ; 0xE6
(?,Tg(B vowel-upper "VOWEL SIGN MAI TAI KHU N/S-T") ; 0xE7
(?,Tg(B sign-upper "VOWEL SIGN MAI TAI KHU N/S-T") ; 0xE7
(?,Th(B tone "TONE MAI EK N/S-T") ; 0xE8
(?,Ti(B tone "TONE MAI THO N/S-T") ; 0xE9
(?,Tj(B tone "TONE MAI TRI N/S-T") ; 0xEA
(?,Tk(B tone "TONE MAI CHATTAWA N/S-T") ; 0xEB
(?,Tl(B tone "THANTHAKHAT N/S-T (cancellation mark)") ; 0xEC
(?,Tm(B tone "NIKKHAHIT N/S-T (final nasal)") ; 0xED
(?,Tn(B vowel-upper "YAMAKKAN N/S-T") ; 0xEE
(?,Tl(B sign-upper "THANTHAKHAT N/S-T (cancellation mark)") ; 0xEC
(?,Tm(B sign-upper "NIKKHAHIT N/S-T (final nasal)") ; 0xED
(?,Tn(B sign-upper "YAMAKKAN N/S-T") ; 0xEE
(?,To(B special "FONRMAN") ; 0xEF
(?,Tp(B special "DIGIT ZERO") ; 0xF0
(?,Tq(B special "DIGIT ONE") ; 0xF1
......@@ -207,14 +228,14 @@
(?$,1CD(B vowel-base "VOWEL SIGN SARA MAI MALAI")
(?$,1CE(B vowel-base "LAK KHANG YAO")
(?$,1CF(B special "MAI YAMOK (repetion)")
(?$,1CG(B vowel-upper "VOWEL SIGN MAI TAI KHU N/S-T")
(?$,1CG(B sign-upper "VOWEL SIGN MAI TAI KHU N/S-T")
(?$,1CH(B tone "TONE MAI EK N/S-T")
(?$,1CI(B tone "TONE MAI THO N/S-T")
(?$,1CJ(B tone "TONE MAI TRI N/S-T")
(?$,1CL(B tone "THANTHAKHAT N/S-T (cancellation mark)")
(?$,1CM(B tone "NIKKHAHIT N/S-T (final nasal)")
(?$,1CN(B vowel-upper "YAMAKKAN N/S-T")
(?$,1CL(B sign-upper "THANTHAKHAT N/S-T (cancellation mark)")
(?$,1CM(B sign-upper "NIKKHAHIT N/S-T (final nasal)")
(?$,1CN(B sign-upper "YAMAKKAN N/S-T")
(?$,1CO(B special "FONRMAN")
(?$,1CP(B special "DIGIT ZERO")
(?$,1CQ(B special "DIGIT ONE")
......@@ -236,25 +257,61 @@
(ptype (nth 1 elm)))
(put-char-code-property char 'phonetic-type ptype)
(cond ((eq ptype 'consonant)
(modify-category-entry char ?c thai-category-table))
(modify-category-entry char ?c thai-category-table)
(global-set-key (vector char) 'thai-self-insert-command))
((memq ptype '(vowel-upper vowel-lower))
(modify-category-entry char ?v thai-category-table))
(modify-category-entry char ?v thai-category-table)
(if (or (= char ?,TT(B) (= char ?$,1C4(B))
;; Give category `I' to "SARA I".
(modify-category-entry char ?I thai-category-table))
(global-set-key (vector char) 'thai-self-insert-command))
((eq ptype 'tone)
(modify-category-entry char ?t thai-category-table)))
(modify-category-entry char ?t thai-category-table)
(modify-category-entry char ?u thai-category-table)
(global-set-key (vector char) 'thai-self-insert-command))
((eq ptype 'sign-upper)
(modify-category-entry char ?u thai-category-table)
(if (or (= char ?,Tl(B) (= char ?$,1CL(B))
;; Give category `U' to "THANTHAKHAT".
(modify-category-entry char ?U thai-category-table))
(global-set-key (vector char) 'thai-self-insert-command)))
(put-char-code-property char 'name (nth 2 elm)))))
(defun thai-compose-syllable (beg end &optional category-set string)
(or category-set
(setq category-set
(char-category-set (if string (aref string beg) (char-after beg)))))
(if (aref category-set ?c)
;; Starting with a consonant. We do relative composition.
(if string
(compose-string string beg end)
(compose-region beg end))
;; Vowel tone sequence.
(if string
(compose-string string beg end (list (aref string beg) '(Bc . Bc)
(aref string (1+ beg))))
(compose-region beg end (list (char-after beg) '(Bc . Bc)
(char-after (1+ beg))))))
(- end beg))
(defun thai-compose-region (beg end)
"Compose Thai characters in the region.
When called from a program, expects two arguments,
positions (integers or markers) specifying the region."
(interactive "r")
(narrow-to-region beg end)
(goto-char (point-min))
(with-category-table thai-category-table
(while (re-search-forward thai-composition-pattern nil t)
(compose-region (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0))))))
(let ((pos (point)))
(narrow-to-region beg end)
(goto-char (point-min))
(with-category-table thai-category-table
(while (re-search-forward thai-composition-pattern nil t)
(setq beg (match-beginning 0) end (match-end 0))
(if (and (> pos beg) (< pos end))
(setq pos end))
(thai-compose-syllable beg end
(char-category-set (char-after beg))))))
(goto-char pos)))
(defun thai-compose-string (string)
......@@ -262,7 +319,7 @@ positions (integers or markers) specifying the region."
(with-category-table thai-category-table
(let ((idx 0))
(while (setq idx (string-match thai-composition-pattern string idx))
(compose-string string idx (match-end 0))
(thai-compose-syllable idx (match-end 0) nil string)
(setq idx (match-end 0)))))
......@@ -285,12 +342,45 @@ Optional 4th argument STRING, if non-nil, is a string containing text
to compose.
The return value is number of composed characters."
(if (< (1+ from) to)
(if string
(compose-string string from to)
(compose-region from to))
(- to from))))
(when (and (not thai-auto-composition-mode)
(< (1+ from) to))
(with-category-table thai-category-table
(if string
(if (eq (string-match thai-composition-pattern string from) from)
(thai-compose-syllable from (match-end 0) nil string))
(if (save-excursion
(goto-char from)
(and (looking-at thai-composition-pattern)
(setq to (match-end 0))))
(thai-compose-syllable from to))))))
(defun thai-auto-composition (beg end len)
(with-category-table thai-category-table
(let (category-set)
(while (and (> beg (point-min))
(setq category-set (char-category-set (char-after (1- beg))))
(or (aref category-set ?v) (aref category-set ?u)))
(setq beg (1- beg)))
(if (and (> beg (point-min))
(aref (char-category-set (char-after (1- beg))) ?c))
(setq beg (1- beg)))
(while (and (< end (point-max))
(setq category-set (char-category-set (char-after end)))
(or (aref category-set ?v) (aref category-set ?u)))
(setq end (1+ end)))
(if (< beg end)
(thai-compose-region beg end)))))
(put 'thai-auto-composition-mode 'permanent-local t)
(define-minor-mode thai-auto-composition-mode
"Minor mode for automatically correct Thai character composition."
nil nil nil
(cond ((null thai-auto-composition-mode)
(remove-hook 'after-change-functions 'thai-auto-composition))
(add-hook 'after-change-functions 'thai-auto-composition))))
(provide 'thai-util)
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