Commit 8fb9a9b6 authored by Michaël Cadilhac's avatar Michaël Cadilhac
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Add rules for creating the refcards in PDF, make them the default.

parent 81ec0bb3
2007-08-26 Micha,Ak(Bl Cadilhac <>
* refcards/pdflayout.sty: New. Handle PDF layouts through
\pdfpagewidth and \pdfpageheight.
* calccard.pdf, cs-dired-ref.pdf, cs-refcard.pdf, de-refcard.pdf:
* dired-ref.pdf, fr-drdref.pdf, fr-refcard.pdf, gnus-booklet.pdf:
* gnus-logo.pdf, gnus-refcard.pdf, orgcard.pdf, pl-refcard.pdf:
* pt-br-refcard.pdf, refcard.pdf, ru-refcard.pdf, sk-dired-ref.pdf:
* sk-refcard.pdf: Add PDF versions of the refcards.
* Remove the PS versions of the refcards.
* calccard.tex, fr-survival.tex, orgcard.tex, pl-refcard.tex:
* pt-br-refcard.tex, refcard.tex, survival.tex, vipcard.tex:
* viperCard.tex: Specify PDF layout, use a PDF `compile-command' local
* cs-dired-ref.tex, cs-refcard.tex, cs-survival.tex, dired-ref.tex:
* fr-drdref.tex, sk-dired-ref.tex, sk-refcard.tex, sk-survival.tex:
Specify PDF layout.
* fr-refcard.tex: Update copyright notice. Update the examples. Fix a
typo. Remove the `letterpaper' counter, specify PDF layout, use a PDF
`compile-command' local variable.
* de-refcard.tex: Remove the `letterpaper' counter, specify PDF layout,
use a PDF `compile-command' local variable.
* ru-refcard.tex: Use a PDF `compile-command' local variable.
* Makefile: Add rules for creating the refcards in PDF, make them the
2007-08-23 Glenn Morris <>
* Makefile (mostlyclean, clean, distclean, maintainer-clean):
......@@ -23,29 +23,70 @@
## Top-level targets.
## PS files included with Emacs.
all: refcards dired-refcards misc-refcards
## PDF files that are included with Emacs.
all: refcards_pdf dired-refcards_pdf misc-refcards_pdf
REFCARDS_PDF = refcard.pdf cs-refcard.pdf de-refcard.pdf fr-refcard.pdf \
pl-refcard.pdf pt-br-refcard.pdf ru-refcard.pdf sk-refcard.pdf
refcards_pdf: ${REFCARDS_PDF}
refcards_ps: ${}
refcards: \
DIRED-REFCARDS_PDF = dired-ref.pdf cs-dired-ref.pdf fr-drdref.pdf sk-dired-ref.pdf
dired-refcards_pdf: ${DIRED-REFCARDS_PDF}
dired-refcards_ps: ${}
MISC-REFCARDS_PDF = calccard.pdf gnus-booklet.pdf gnus-refcard.pdf orgcard.pdf
misc-refcards_pdf: ${MISC-REFCARDS_PDF}
misc-refcards_ps: ${}
## No PS files: vipcard.tex viperCard.tex survival.tex sk-survival.tex
## Following PS files are not included with Emacs.
## The following files are not included with Emacs.
SURVIVAL-CARDS_PDF = survival.pdf cs-survival.pdf sk-survival.pdf
survival-cards_pdf: ${SURVIVAL-CARDS_PDF}
survival-cards_ps: ${}
VIPER-CARDS_PDF = vipcard.pdf viperCard.pdf
viper-cards_pdf: ${VIPER-CARDS_PDF}
viper-cards_ps: ${}
## PDF files.
## The page layouts (a4/letter) are written directly in the .tex files.
cs-refcard.pdf cs-dired-ref.pdf cs-survival.pdf sk-refcard.pdf \
sk-dired-ref.pdf sk-survival.pdf: %.pdf: %.tex
csplain "\pdfoutput=1\input $<"
pl-refcard.pdf: %.pdf: %.tex
if ! kpsewhich -format=fmt mex > /dev/null; then \
echo "No mex format found."; false; \
pdftex $<
ru-refcard.pdf: %.pdf: %.tex
pdflatex $<
gnus-logo.pdf: %.pdf: %.eps
ps2pdf $<
gnus-refcard.pdf: %.pdf: %.tex gnus-logo.pdf
pdflatex $<
gnus-booklet.pdf: gnus-refcard.tex gnus-logo.pdf
pdflatex '\def\booklettrue{}\def\letterpapertrue{}\input{gnus-refcard}'
mv gnus-refcard.pdf $@
## Everything not explicitly listed above.
%.pdf: %.tex
pdftex $<
## dvi files.
## FIXME the sk-*.tex files say to use csplain, but were not
## traditionally in this rule. Fix the doc or the rule.
cs-refcard.dvi cs-dired-ref.dvi cs-survival.dvi: %.dvi: %.tex
cs-refcard.dvi cs-dired-ref.dvi cs-survival.dvi sk-refcard.dvi \
sk-dired-ref.dvi sk-survival.dvi: %.dvi: %.tex
csplain $<
pl-refcard.dvi: %.dvi: %.tex
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