Commit 8fcacf13 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(msdos-handle-reverse-video): Don't remove

reverse from the frame parameters, and don't invert foreground and
background colors.
parent 546701f5
......@@ -86,15 +86,14 @@
"Handle the reverse-video frame parameter on MS-DOS frames."
(when (cdr (assq 'reverse parameters))
(let* ((params (frame-parameters frame))
(bg (cdr (assq 'foreground-color params)))
(fg (cdr (assq 'background-color params))))
(modify-frame-parameters frame '((reverse . nil)))
(if (equal bg (cdr (assq 'mouse-color params)))
(fg (cdr (assq 'foreground-color params)))
(bg (cdr (assq 'background-color params))))
(if (equal fg (cdr (assq 'mouse-color params)))
(modify-frame-parameters frame
(list (cons 'mouse-color fg))))
(if (equal bg (cdr (assq 'cursor-color params)))
(list (cons 'mouse-color bg))))
(if (equal fg (cdr (assq 'cursor-color params)))
(modify-frame-parameters frame
(list (cons 'cursor-color fg)))))))
(list (cons 'cursor-color bg)))))))
;; This must run after all the default colors are inserted into
;; tty-color-alist, since msdos-handle-reverse-video needs to know the
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