Commit 8fe5665d authored by Ken Raeburn's avatar Ken Raeburn
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* alloc.c (Fmake_symbol): Set symbol xname field instead of name.

(mark_object, gc_sweep): Use symbol xname field and XSTRING
instead of name field.
parent caeead20
......@@ -2545,7 +2545,7 @@ Its value and function definition are void, and its property list is nil. */)
p = XSYMBOL (val);
p->name = XSTRING (name);
p->xname = name;
p->plist = Qnil;
p->value = Qunbound;
p->function = Qunbound;
......@@ -4690,9 +4690,9 @@ mark_object (argptr)
mark_object (&ptr->function);
mark_object (&ptr->plist);
if (!PURE_POINTER_P (ptr->name))
MARK_STRING (ptr->name);
MARK_INTERVAL_TREE (ptr->name->intervals);
if (!PURE_POINTER_P (XSTRING (ptr->xname)))
MARK_STRING (XSTRING (ptr->xname));
MARK_INTERVAL_TREE (XSTRING (ptr->xname)->intervals);
/* Note that we do not mark the obarray of the symbol.
It is safe not to do so because nothing accesses that
......@@ -5163,7 +5163,7 @@ gc_sweep ()
/* Check if the symbol was created during loadup. In such a case
it might be pointed to by pure bytecode which we don't trace,
so we conservatively assume that it is live. */
int pure_p = PURE_POINTER_P (sym->name);
int pure_p = PURE_POINTER_P (XSTRING (sym->xname));
if (!XMARKBIT (sym->plist) && !pure_p)
......@@ -5178,7 +5178,7 @@ gc_sweep ()
if (!pure_p)
UNMARK_STRING (sym->name);
XUNMARK (sym->plist);
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