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......@@ -90,6 +90,12 @@ On 32bit machines, it is now 256M (i.e. 268435455).
displayed as balanced quotes, not the ASCII glyphs whose shape has
been changed generally in the XFree86 fonts.
** The -f option, used from the command line to call a function,
now reads arguments for the function interactively if it i
an interactively callable function.
** sql changes.
*** The variable `sql-product' controls the highlightng of different
2003-09-22 Richard M. Stallman <>
* progmodes/sh-script.el (sh-mode-default-syntax-table):
Renamed from sh-mode-syntax-table. Call sh-mode-syntax-table directly.
(sh-mode-syntax-table-input): New variable.
(sh-require-final-newline): Don't use eval.
(sh-builtins, sh-leading-keywords, sh-other-keywords)
(sh-variables, sh-font-lock-keywords): Don't use eval.
(sh-set-shell): When setting require-final-newline,
treat value = `require-final-newline' as don't change it.
Set sh-mode-syntax-table locally based on
sh-mode-syntax-table-input and sh-mode-default-syntax-table.
* progmodes/compile.el (compile-internal):
Call compilation-set-window-height before setting window start.
2003-09-22 Greg Hill <> (tiny change)
* emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-log-file):
Clear out byte-compile-last-warned-form.
2003-09-22 Richard M. Stallman <>
* woman.el (woman-file-name, woman-follow-word):
If current-word returns nil, use "".
* simple.el (eval-expression): Bind standard-output in to-buffer case.
2003-09-22 Richard M. Stallman <>
* emacs-lisp/lisp-mnt.el (lm-with-file):
Don't visit the file, just use insert-file-contents in temp buffer.
2003-09-22 Jari Aalto <>
* emacs-lisp/lisp-mnt.el (lm-get-header-re): Added
surrounding \\( and \\) around the header, as in
for lm-history-header 'Change Log\\|History'.
2003-09-22 John Paul Wallington <>
* progmodes/ld-script.el: Add Commentary section,
2003-09-22 Richard M. Stallman <>
* dired.texi (Misc Dired Commands): New node.
(Dired Navigation): Add dired-goto-file.
* files.texi (File Aliases, Misc File Ops): Add @cindex entries.
* emacs.texi (Acknowledgements): New node, split from Distribution.
* cmdargs.texi (Action Arguments): -f reads interactive args.
2003-09-21 Karl Berry <>
* info.texi (] and [ commands): no period at end of section title.
2003-09-22 Richard M. Stallman <>
* intervals.c (graft_intervals_into_buffer): Correct the main loop
in the case where OVER is longer than UNDER.
2003-09-22 Masatake YAMATO <>
* window.c (Fset_window_scroll_bars): Validate the value of
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