Commit 8ff09154 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier Committed by Noam Postavsky

; Add comment to hash_table_rehash (Bug#36447)

* src/fns.c (hash_table_rehash): Add a comment to explain that
hash_table_rehash is not used in "normal" rehashing, but only in the
rare case of rehashing on the first access to a preloaded hash-table.
parent 150aec0a
Pipeline #2430 failed with stage
......@@ -4231,6 +4231,11 @@ maybe_resize_hash_table (struct Lisp_Hash_Table *h)
/* Recompute the hashes (and hence also the "next" pointers).
Normally there's never a need to recompute hashes.
This is done only on first-access to a hash-table loaded from
the "pdump", because the object's addresses may have changed, thus
affecting their hash. */
hash_table_rehash (struct Lisp_Hash_Table *h)
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