Commit 902a3b86 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(cmcheckmagic): New function.

parent 2b803765
......@@ -99,6 +99,35 @@ addcol (n) {
* Terminals with magicwrap (xn) don't all behave identically.
* The VT100 leaves the cursor in the last column but will wrap before
* printing the next character. I hear that the Concept terminal does
* the wrap immediately but ignores the next newline it sees. And some
* terminals just have buggy firmware, and think that the cursor is still
* in limbo if we use direct cursor addressing from the phantom column.
* The only guaranteed safe thing to do is to emit a CRLF immediately
* after we reach the last column; this takes us to a known state.
cmcheckmagic ()
if (curX == FrameCols)
if (!MagicWrap || curY >= FrameRows - 1)
abort ();
if (termscript)
putc ('\r', termscript);
putchar ('\r');
if (termscript)
putc ('\n', termscript);
putchar ('\n');
curX = 0;
* (Re)Initialize the cost factors, given the output speed of the terminal
* in the variable ospeed. (Note: this holds B300, B9600, etc -- ie stuff
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