Commit 903a72b3 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* etc/TODO: Remove some obsolete/deleted packages.

parent b3c659a1
......@@ -522,15 +522,15 @@
artist, ansi-color, array, battery, calculator, cdl, cmuscheme,
completion, cua, delim-col, dirtrack, double, echistory, elide-head,
easymenu, expand, flow-ctrl, format [format-alist],
generic/generic-x [various modes], kermit, log-edit, ledit
[obsolete?], makesum, midnight [other than in Kill Buffer node],
generic/generic-x [various modes], kermit, log-edit,
makesum, midnight [other than in Kill Buffer node],
mouse-copy [?], mouse-drag, mouse-sel, net-utils, rcompile,
snmp-mode [?], soundex [should be interactive?], strokes [start from
the web page], talk, thingatpt [interactive functions?], type-break,
vcursor, xscheme, zone-mode [?], mlconvert [?], iso-cvt, iso-swed,
swedish, feedmail [?], uce, bruce, gametree, meese, page-ext,
vcursor, xscheme, zone-mode [?], mlconvert [?], iso-cvt,
feedmail [?], uce, gametree, meese, page-ext,
refbib, refer, scribe, sgml-mode, spell, texinfo, underline,
cmacexp, hideif, mantemp [obsolete?], pcomplete, assoc, xml,
cmacexp, hideif, mantemp [obsolete?], pcomplete, xml,
cvs-status (should be described in PCL-CVS manual); other progmodes,
probably in separate manual.
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