Commit 904d7624 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(print-region-1): Essentially undo previous change.

parent 0b431400
......@@ -79,9 +79,10 @@ See definition of `print-region-1' for calling conventions.")
(print-region-1 start end lpr-switches t))
(defun print-region-1 (start end switches page-headers)
;; Avoid having a space in the job name
;; because on some MIPS system that crashes the printer demon.
(let ((name (concat (buffer-name) "-Emacs-buffer"))
;; On some MIPS system, having a space in the job name
;; crashes the printer demon. But using dashes looks ugly
;; and it seems to annoying to do for that MIPS system.
(let ((name (concat (buffer-name) " Emacs buffer"))
(title (concat (buffer-name) " Emacs buffer"))
(width tab-width))
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