Commit 90553aa3 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(setgrp): Undefine before defining.

(malloc_warning, set_time_zone_rule, index): Prototype.
parent 97dfd1a1
......@@ -66,13 +66,14 @@ Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#if !defined (USG) || defined (BSD_PGRPS)
#undef setpgrp
#define setpgrp setpgid
extern void malloc_warning ();
extern void set_time_zone_rule ();
extern char *index ();
extern void malloc_warning P_ ((char *));
extern void set_time_zone_rule P_ ((char *));
extern char *index P_ ((const char *, int));
/* Make these values available in GDB, which doesn't see macros. */
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