Commit 905f6195 authored by Troy Hinckley's avatar Troy Hinckley Committed by Noam Postavsky

Don't check comp-buffer-name-function in derived mode (Bug#34956)

* lisp/progmodes/compile.el (define-compilation-mode): Remove
'compilation-buffer-name-function' from the list of overridden
variables to ensure that it is not mistaken for a variable that can be
major mode specific.  'compilation-buffer-name-function' is used
before the major mode is loaded, therefore overriding it here is
ineffectual.  Also, the function 'compilation-start' takes an optional
argument name-function, so there is already a mechanism to override
parent 690c678f
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......@@ -2056,8 +2056,7 @@ by replacing the first word, e.g., `compilation-scroll-output' from
(if (boundp 'byte-compile-bound-variables)
(memq (cdr v) byte-compile-bound-variables)))
`(set (make-local-variable ',(car v)) ,(cdr v))))
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