Commit 9066adc4 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(math-bignum-digit-size,math-small-integer-size): Evaluate when compiled.

parent a6a0d3cb
......@@ -2292,10 +2292,12 @@ length of the allowable Emacs integers N0, N1,...
The value of 2*10^(2*MATH-BIGNUM-DIGIT-LENGTH) must be less than the
largest Emacs integer.")
(defconst math-bignum-digit-size (expt 10 math-bignum-digit-length)
(defconst math-bignum-digit-size
(eval-when-compile (expt 10 math-bignum-digit-length))
"An upper bound for the size of the \"digit\"s in Calc bignums.")
(defconst math-small-integer-size (expt 10 (* 2 math-bignum-digit-length))
(defconst math-small-integer-size
(eval-when-compile (expt 10 (* 2 math-bignum-digit-length)))
"An upper bound for the size of \"small integer\"s in Calc.")
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