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; * admin/release-process: Move etc/HISTORY from here...

; * admin/make-tarball.txt: ... to here.
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......@@ -51,24 +51,23 @@ General steps (for each step, check for possible errors):
Commit any fixes to authors.el.
3. Set the version number (M-x load-file RET admin/admin.el RET, then
M-x set-version RET). For a release, add released ChangeLog
entries (create a ChangeLog symlink a la vc-dwim, then run M-x
add-release-logs RET, then run the shell command 'vc-dwim --commit').
For a pretest, start at version .90. After .99, use .990 (so that
it sorts).
M-x set-version RET). For a pretest, start at version .90. After
.99, use .990 (so that it sorts).
The final pretest should be a release candidate. Set the version
number to that of the actual release. Pick a date about a week
from now when you intend to make the release. Use vc-dwim and
M-x add-release-logs as described above to add commit messages
that will appear in the tarball's automatically-generated ChangeLog
file as entries for that date.
from now when you intend to make the release. Use M-x
add-release-logs to add entries to etc/HISTORY and the ChangeLog
file. It's best not to commit these files until the release is
actually made. Merge the entries from (unversioned) ChangeLog
into the top of the current versioned ChangeLog.N and commit that
along with etc/HISTORY. Then you can tag that commit as the
Name the tar file as emacs-XX.Y-rc1.tar. If all goes well in the
following week, you can simply rename the file and use it for the
actual release. If you need another release candidate, remember
to adjust the ChangeLog entries.
to adjust the ChangeLog and etc/HISTORY entries.
If you need to change only a file(s) that cannot possibly affect
the build (README, ChangeLog, NEWS, etc.) then rather than doing
......@@ -83,8 +83,6 @@ documentation (or decide no updates are necessary) for those that aren't.
** cusver-check from admin.el can help find new defcustoms missing
:version tags.
** Add a line to etc/HISTORY for the release version number and date.
** Manuals
Check for node names using problematic characters:
find doc -name '*.texi' -exec grep '^@node[^,]*[:.()]' {} +
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