Commit 907c83c8 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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Typos in comment fixed.

(devanagari-vertical-modifier-p): Target string to be matched with
GLYPH is modified.
(devanagari-non-vertical-modifier-p): Likewise.
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-char): New function.
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter): The second arg is changed to
parent 4a7a51cc
......@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@
;; History:
;; 1996.10.18 written by KAWABATA, Taichi <>
;; 1997.1.20 fixed some bugs.
;; 1997.3.24 fixed some bugs.
;; Future work ::
......@@ -159,7 +158,7 @@
;; thus must be fixed.
;; Note:
;; Third case can be considered, which is acceptable syllable and can
;; Third case can be considered, which is an acceptable syllable and can
;; not add any code more.
;; [[C [N] H] [C [N] H] [C [N] H] C [N] H] C [N] [M] D
......@@ -280,7 +279,6 @@ of '$(5!*!&!'(B' and nukta sign.")
;; which adopts Devanagari script.
(defconst devanagari-char-to-glyph-rules
......@@ -1085,12 +1083,17 @@ Ligatures and special rules are processed."
; return nil if it is not vertical modifier.
(defun devanagari-vertical-modifier-p (glyph)
(string-match (char-to-string glyph)
(defun devanagari-non-vertical-modifier-p (glyph)
(string-match (char-to-string glyph)
; "[$(5!Z![!\!d!e!f!g(B]"))
(defun devanagari-wide-to-narrow-char (char)
"Return the corresponding narrow character if it exists."
(let ((narrow (cdr (assq char devanagari-1-column-char))))
(if narrow narrow char)))
;; Phase 2.5 Convert Appropriate Character to 1-column shape.
......@@ -1109,43 +1112,30 @@ Ligatures and special rules are processed."
;;(devanagari-wide-to-narrow '(?$(5!3(B (ml . ml) ?$(5!a(B))
;;(devanagari-wide-to-narrow '(?$(5!F(B (ml . ml) ?$(5!a(B))
;(defun devanagari-wide-to-narrow (src-list)
; (if (null src-list) '()
; (cons
; (if (and (numberp (car src-list))
; (cdr (assq (car src-list) devanagari-1-column-char)))
; (cdr (assq (car src-list) devanagari-1-column-char))
; (car src-list))
; (devanagari-wide-to-narrow (cdr src-list)))))
(defun devanagari-wide-to-narrow (src-list)
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter src-list t))
(defun devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (src-list wide-p)
(defun devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (src-list 2-col-glyph)
(let ((glyph (car src-list)))
(cond ((null src-list) '())
; not glyph code
((not (numberp glyph))
(cons glyph (devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) wide-p)))
; vertical modifier glyph
((devanagari-vertical-modifier-p glyph)
(if (and (null wide-p)
(cdr (assq glyph devanagari-1-column-char)))
(cons (cdr (assq glyph devanagari-1-column-char))
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) nil))
(cons glyph
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) t))))
; nonvertical modifier glyph
(cons glyph (devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) 2-col-glyph)))
; glyphs to be processed regardless of the value of "2-col-glyph"
((devanagari-non-vertical-modifier-p glyph)
(if (cdr (assq glyph devanagari-1-column-char))
(cons (cdr (assq glyph devanagari-1-column-char))
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) wide-p))
(cons (devanagari-wide-to-narrow-char glyph)
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) 2-col-glyph)))
; glyphs which are depends on the value of "2-col-glyph"
((devanagari-vertical-modifier-p glyph)
(if 2-col-glyph
(cons glyph
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) wide-p))))
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) t))
(cons (devanagari-wide-to-narrow-char glyph)
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) 2-col-glyph))))
; normal glyph
(if (cdr (assq glyph devanagari-1-column-char))
(cons (cdr (assq glyph devanagari-1-column-char))
(cons (devanagari-wide-to-narrow-char glyph)
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) nil))
(cons glyph
(devanagari-wide-to-narrow-iter (cdr src-list) t)))))))
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