Commit 90851bbe authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(x_clear_frame_selections, wait_for_property_change): Use new accessor macros

instead of calling XSET directly.
parent 191ed777
......@@ -767,7 +767,7 @@ x_clear_frame_selections (f)
Lisp_Object frame;
Lisp_Object rest;
XSET (frame, Lisp_Frame, f);
XSETFRAME (frame, f);
/* Otherwise, we're really honest and truly being told to drop it.
Don't use Fdelq as that may QUIT;. */
......@@ -897,7 +897,7 @@ wait_for_property_change (location)
int count = specpdl_ptr - specpdl;
Lisp_Object tem;
XSET (tem, Lisp_Cons, location);
XSETCONS (tem, location);
/* Make sure to do unexpect_property_change if we quit or err. */
record_unwind_protect (wait_for_property_change_unwind, tem);
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