Commit 908bb42f authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(regexp-opt): Add \< and \> if PAREN=`words'.

parent 4c724b32
......@@ -93,14 +93,20 @@ quoted or not. If optional PAREN is non-nil, ensure that the returned regexp
is enclosed by at least one regexp grouping construct.
The returned regexp is typically more efficient than the equivalent regexp:
(let ((open-paren (if PAREN \"\\\\(\" \"\")) (close-paren (if PAREN \"\\\\)\" \"\")))
(concat open-paren (mapconcat 'regexp-quote STRINGS \"\\\\|\") close-paren))"
(let ((open (if PAREN \"\\\\(\" \"\")) (close (if PAREN \"\\\\)\" \"\")))
(concat open (mapconcat 'regexp-quote STRINGS \"\\\\|\") close))
If PAREN is `words', then the resulting regexp is additionally surrounded
by \\=\\< and \\>."
;; Recurse on the sorted list.
(let ((max-lisp-eval-depth (* 1024 1024))
(completion-ignore-case nil))
(setq paren (cond ((stringp paren) paren) (paren "\\(")))
(regexp-opt-group (sort (copy-sequence strings) 'string-lessp) paren))))
(let* ((max-lisp-eval-depth (* 1024 1024))
(completion-ignore-case nil)
(words (eq paren 'words))
(open (cond ((stringp paren) paren) (paren "\\(")))
(sorted-strings (sort (copy-sequence strings) 'string-lessp))
(re (regexp-opt-group sorted-strings open)))
(if words (concat "\\<" re "\\>") re))))
(defun regexp-opt-depth (regexp)
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