Commit 90914938 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(eval-after-load): Run FORM now if FILE's already loaded.

parent fad2477b
......@@ -730,13 +730,20 @@ other hooks, such as major mode hooks, can do the job."
(defun eval-after-load (file form)
"Arrange that, if FILE is ever loaded, FORM will be run at that time.
This makes or adds to an entry on `after-load-alist'.
If FILE is already loaded, evaluate FORM right now.
It does nothing if FORM is already on the list for FILE.
FILE should be the name of a library, with no directory name."
;; Make sure there is an element for FILE.
(or (assoc file after-load-alist)
(setq after-load-alist (cons (list file) after-load-alist)))
;; Add FORM to the element if it isn't there.
(let ((elt (assoc file after-load-alist)))
(or (member form (cdr elt))
(nconc elt (list form))))
(nconc elt (list form))
;; If the file has been loaded already, run FORM right away.
(and (assoc file load-history)
(eval form)))))
(defun eval-next-after-load (file)
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